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The Most Advanced MU with the Speed of 250 km/h in Today’s China were Launched from CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd 2017-09-13

Recently, the new MU (Multiple Unit) of CRH3A were launched from CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. CRH3A is the most advanced MU with the speed of 250 km/h in today’s China; besides, it is the latest family member of the whole series and genealogy among MU products in CRRC. Its appearance not only further complements the rail transportation equipment system in China, but also provides affordable equipment support of speed and safety, energy conservation and environment protection for promoting regional traffic integration and new urbanization construction.

The new MU of CRH3A will be operated in the passenger line of Xi (an)-Cheng (du) railway to add new impetus on the rapid transit of "interconnection" passenger service.

Based on the concept of "green, intelligence, humanity and integration", the new MU of CRH3A which has the speed of 250km/h is independently researched and designed by CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. It is “created in China” under the national and operating conditions, adopting the marshalling of 8 units which are 4 power trains and 4 trailer trains with the capacity of 616 people, and having safe and reliable, high-intelligence, easily maintainable, energy saving and environment protection, economic and other characteristics. The MU of CRH3A is mainly for the rapid transit passenger service of trunk railway and interurban railway, and for meeting the requirements of the rapid railway "interconnection" among the economic circle and city cluster. Currently, it is the only one that not only adapts to the Gaotie passenger line with the speed of 200-250km/h but also the major type of the inter-city railway with the speed of 160-250km/h in the country, and the seamless convergence between trunk line and inter-city transit can be achieved.

Aiming at the operating condition of extra-high ratio of bridge and tunnel of Xicheng railway passenger line, the new MU of CRH3A adopts the fully enclosed carriage structure, which not only can resist bad weather, like wind, rain and fog, but also significantly reduces the noise when the train is running, eliminates the uncomfortable feeling of passengers’ eardrums when the MU goes through the tunnel, and makes their experience more quiet and comfortable. Furthermore, the MU not only realizes the fully autonomation on core components and manufacturing technology, but also can make personalized customization according to users’ requirement. It brings convenience for the use and maintenance, and possesses the clear advantage of life cycle cost.