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The Technical Project Signing Ceremony of the 20th Ceramic Expo Fair Was Held 2017-09-19

On September 17, the technical project signing ceremony of Seminar on Exchanges of Talents and Technologies of the 20th China Ceramic Fair Tangshan and the 7th Session of Senior Talent Fair at the Coastal Economic Uplift in Hebei Province was held. The people who attended the signing ceremony were as follows: Chen Xuemin, Tangshan Municipal Standing Committee, minister of the Organization Department of Tangshan and minister of the United Front Work Department of Tangshan; Cao Jinhua, party member of Tangshan Municipal People's Congress; Liang Zhenjiang, vice mayor of Tangshan; and Hu Wanning, vice chairman of Tangshan Municipal Committee of CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference).

This session of conference collected a total of 115 project requirements of intelligence technology from 104 enterprises and public institutions. Before the conference, relevant institutions and expert teams went into point-to-point connection; and at the conference, they conducted in-depth negotiations and exchanges. At last, a total of 14 advanced technical projects were reached into cooperation agreement, which were in the fields of fine steel and iron, equipment manufacturing, new materials, bio-medicine, energy saving and environment protection, modern agriculture, etc. 50 well-known experts and professors from key universities and colleges of Beijing and Tianjin, and research institutes at home and abroad were invited to Tangshan for technical guidance and connecting negotiations, which led 14 projects to be signed on the site.

Among them, the project of Research on Rail Transit Non-contact Power Supply Technology cooperated by CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. and Professor Mai Ruikun from Southwest Jiaotong University would provide key technical support for the overall design of non-contact power supply system and achieve the innovative progress in power supply pattern of pantograph-centenary contact. The project of Screening, Authentication and Drug Study of Yeast Source Small Natural Module Immunomodulator of Combinatorial Targeted NK Cell by Dr. Yang Zhaoyong, from Top Bio-technology Co., Ltd. and Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, would play an important role in enhancing Tangshan’s bio-medical soft power and strengthening core competitiveness in the field. Starting Line Wework Limited Company and Beijing Hope found Education Technology Co., Ltd. co-constructed Tangshan Entrepreneurship University, which aimed to create a set of comprehensive service platform composed of entrepreneurial training and practicing, entrepreneurial nursery, Wework, financing platform, online business cloud services, new OTC (Over the Counter), etc., meet the needs of entrepreneurs in one-stop, and create a new model of entrepreneurship and employment in Tangshan.