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The Philippines Alumni Association Delegation to Visit Tangshan 2017-09-21

On September 17, the Philippines alumni association delegation came to visit and inspect Tangshan, and Li Changchun, vice chairman of the CPPCC (Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) of Tangshan, met with the delegation.

Li Changchun expressed his warm welcome and sincere greetings to the arrival of the delegation and briefly introduced the basic situation of Tangshan's geographical advantages, humanity history, customs, and post-earthquake development. He pointed out that at present, Tangshan was working hard and forging ahead to achieve the goals of struggling to win the "3 kinds of walking in the forefront", speeding up the realization of the "three efforts to build", and constructing the competitive international coastal city. The economic and social development of Tangshan was showing harmonious situations, and Tangshan was becoming a popular city for merchants’ investment and enterprises, and the highland for innovation and entrepreneurship. Mr. Li sincerely wished the delegation could hang around in Tangshan for a longer time to further enhance the understanding and acquaintance of Tangshan, participate in the the process of Tangshan’s accelerated development, transformation and upgrading, especially in the introduction of capital, technology, personnel, management and other aspects to strengthen the connection with Tangshan, and urge more overseas entrepreneurs, experts and scholars to seek common development in Tangshan. People in Tangshan would do our best to support the expansion of your business, help to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the development, preserve the legitimate rights and interests according to the law, and strive to create a good business environment.