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National Gift of Ruyi Sand-fired Pot from China-Asean Expo Appeared in Ceramic Fair 2017-09-22


In the 20th Tangshan China Ceramic Fair, Cao Anxiang, sand-fired craft master, brought with “Ruyi”, the designated national gift of 2017 China - Asean Expo appeared in the fair.

Cao Anxiang sand-fired boutique exhibition hall was in the 1st floor of Ceramic Fair Center, whose showcases displayed a large number of unique and chic sand-fired pots, such as Peach Pot, Blessing Pot, Baifu Pot, Duanni Jinzhong, Square Shuibian, Tripod, and Bamboo Pot, etc. The most attractive one, however, was undoubtedly “Ruyi”, the designated national gift of 2017 China - Asean Expo.

There are all together 11 pots of the set of sand-fired pot, including Ruyi Dragon Pot (China), Ruyi Brunei, Ruyi Cambodia, Ruyi Indonesia, Ruyi Laos and so on. The parts of the pot are all Ruyi style, such as the lid, spout, and handle. Symbolic architectures of different countries are painted on the body of pot by ways of carving and gold drawing, and with the same ways, bases are painted with pictures of the Great Wall and sea.

Cao Anxiang, the member of China Sand-fired Pot Research Association, and the member of China National Arts and Crafts Society, whose teacher is the disciple of Gu Jingzhou, the pot art master, gradually has his mature artistic style after more than 30 years in this field. In the making of pot artistry, he fully inherits the essence of traditional culture and gets rid of the stale and brings forth the fresh with applying mud painting, enamel, baking gold, embedding gold and other processes to making the pot. His sand-fired pot has solemn appearance, delicate decoration, magnanimous spirit, forming a unique artistic style.