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Zhongtang Tianyuan Valley Cultural Tourism Complex appeared in Qian'an 2017-10-12

Recently, the exhibition hall of Zhongtang Tianyuan Valley Cultural Tourism Complex which was 2016 nationally preferred tourism project, and 2016 key project of Hebei Province and Tangshan City, officially opened, marking the dream resort area for families of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei uncovered its mysterious veil.

In order to develop and promote the local culture and fill the blank of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the first Chinese "theme park + folklore neighborhood" situated alongside Luan River of Qian'an came into operation on June 26, 2016. Known as “Northern Disneyland”, this modern parent-child theme park with the total investment of 1.5 billion yuan is taking shape after thousands of constructors’ working day and night for 15 months. It covers an area of 71.99 acres and the total construction area is 156,000m2.

"Three Parks and Three Zones" is the overall construction content of Zhongtang Tianyuan Valley Cultural Tourism Complex whose characteristics are parent-child and folklore. Three parks are Rubik’s Cube Kingdom Parent-child Folklore Science and Technology Entertainment Park, Heat Wave Island Indoor Water Park, and Xuanyuan Tribe Huangdi Culture Theme Entertainment Park; and three zones consist of Xuanyuan Hometown Folklore Experience Zone, Guzhu Post Culture Leisure Zone, and Luan River Water World Entertainment Zone. It was introduced by Yang Jiajun, Chairman and General Manager of Qian'an Zhongtang Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., “The main avenue -- Rubik’s Cube Valley, whose major structure was capped in May 31, 2017, and maker center will officially finish in October; recently, Xuanyuan Hometown, Guzhu Post and Heat Wave Island Water Park have started and have been intensely constructing, and they are expected to be officially completed in 2018. When the park is put into operation, it will become the first choice of tourism destination in Beijing - Tianjin - Hebei region which is bright, and combines cultural experience and leisure vacation because its deep excavation of Yanzhao folklore, especially the essence of Qian'an culture, themed with Xuanyuan culture, Guzhu culture, and supplemented by elements of Frontier culture, Steel City culture, Regional culture, and Yanzhao culture.

Qian'an Zhongtang Tianyuan Valley Cultural Tourism Complex project was developed and constructed by Qian'an Zhongtang Cultural Tourism Development Company Limited. Zhongtang Group is an enterprise group technically engaged in cultural tourism industry development and operation, which participated in developing and operating the Remotest Corners of the Globe in Hainan, Hangzhou Song City, Hangzhou Huanglong Cave "Pratyaya" Culture Theme Park and Jinhua Jiufeng Peach Garden Scenic Area, and in 2010, the group developed and operated Anhui Bengbu Flower-drum Lantern Carnival City Folk Theme Park, and Heat Wave Island Indoor Water Park. In addition, the group is praised as the "Founder of Folk Culture Theme Park" in the field.