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Tangshan City Intelligent Equipment Talent Technology Project Exchange Conference Was Held 2017-10-17

Yesterday, "Tangshan City Intelligent Equipment Talent Technology Project Exchange Conference", hosted by Tangshan Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, was held in Tangshan City. After negotiations, 12 projects reached intentions of cooperation.

Around the first batch of constructing industrial transformation and upgrading demonstration area in the country, this event aimed at building an intelligent platform to solve the needs of talents and technologies in enterprises, and to promote transformation developments of traditional industries of Tangshan City.

The activity consisted of road show and exchange. Experts went on road show and promotion in the site on 7 selected projects in accordance with the development of Tangshan, and communicated with demand enterprises. After the road show, disposed enterprises and experts conducted face to face negotiations. After careful exchanges, 12 companies of Tangshan City reached cooperation intentions with experts.

Among them, Professor Li Xuchun from Tsinghua University would cooperate with Tangshan Toyoda Technology Co., Ltd. on Permanent Magnetic Motor Drive Project. This project would fill a number of domestic blanks, and could effectively drive the city's high-end equipment industry. Professor Sun Mingwei from Nankai University would cooperate with Tangshan Sanyou Group Xingda Chemical Fiber Company on Thermoelectric Generation Project, which would promote to control air pollution and achieve energy-saving emission reduction of Tangshan City relying on the technology of intelligent thermoelectric waste heat recovery. Professor Li Jiangyun from University of Science and Technology Beijing would cooperate with Yutian County Shengtian Printing Plant and other companies on Artificial Intelligence Visual Project, which would achieve quality testing, volume testing and visual speed, etc., and effectively enhance the level of industrial production of intelligence. Researcher Chen Xianxiang from Institute of Electrics, Chinese Academy of Sciences would cooperate with Tangshan Love in the Cloud Network Technology Co., Ltd. on Wear-type Health Care Project, which would enhance the medical level and reduce public medical costs of Tangshan City. Professor Dai Yaping from Beijing Institute of Technology would cooperate with Tangshan City Iceberg Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Co., Ltd. on Rehabilitation Center Project docking cooperation, which would improve rehabilitation medical construction level of Tangshan City.

Since this year, Tangshan Municipal Talent Exchange Center has functioned as a platform of introducing talents to provide talents’ intelligence and technical project protection for upgrading and transformation of Tangshan City. At present, Tangshan City has established cooperation with 90 colleges and institutions in Beijing, Tianjin and other places, including 125 experts and a storage of 4,600 talents.