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Tangshan Maritime Bureau Independently Researched and Developed "Ship Traffic Assistance System" 2017-10-18

In the past, there were 30 to 50 pieces of information for each plan to be counted, which needed at least an hour to operate even for a skilled attendant. At present, it will be done in a few seconds after ship information being input in the system. The "Ship Traffic Assistance System", independently researched and developed by Tangshan Maritime Bureau, greatly improves efficiency and serves for economic development of ports.

The maritime department organizes port traffic, and it needs to consider the information of type, grade, and length, depth of pier, and size, length and draft of the ship. In the past, it was time-consuming for each plan, and it would be counted again if a little mistake had appeared. With the increase of ship economic activities at sea, the maritime risk of ships has been gradually higher as well. Tangshan Maritime Bureau is committed to the wisdom of maritime construction, and has independently researched and developed the "Ship Traffic Assistance System” in innovation. At present, it will be done by striking one key after ship information being input in the system.

Within a few seconds, the "Ship Traffic Management Assistance System" could finish accurate review, sort, and automatically record the ship dynamic node information for the information of ships arrival into the port and the efficiency has increased by hundreds of times. Ships can acquire the entry and exit plans a few hours in advance, which reduces the waiting time for ships.

Through interconnection, mutual exchange and sharing of data, Tangshan Maritime Bureau will continue to integrate information resources to ultimately achieve self-service operation services of the arrival of ships into ports, and to improve the overall cooperation efficiency to a greater extent.