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A Team from Laoting went to Anhui and Zhejiang for actuating Investment 2017-11-28

In the middle of November, a professional investment team from Laoting County went to Hefei City of Anhui Province and Hangzhou City of Zhejiang Province, and other places to carry out accurate investment, and achieved fruitful results.

In order to work well in this investment promotion, an investment team was formed in Laoting involving business elites on industrial policy, investment consultation, etc. "Team Investment" is one of important measures in Laoting’s investment project, which could make communication and connection more precisely in the process of investment promotion through the integration of human resources, and therefore greatly improve the communication efficiency with investors.

During this investment promotion, the investment promotion team of Laoting deeply negotiated with two listed companies of Anhui Honglu Steel Structure (Group) Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Southeast Grid Group Co., Ltd. Besides, the team made an introduction to the investment environment and development advantages of Laoting in detail, and conducted a full analysis and display on prospects of cooperation between the two sides, and sincerely invited enterprises of each field to inspect Laoting. Also, the team hoped that cooperation would be made in various fields such as housing industrialization bases, medical treatment and retirement care. The enterprise party also expressed their strong investment intentions, and would send their inspection teams to inspect Laoting pretty soon.

At present, Laoting was forging a 6-industry-cluster dominated by fine steel, equipment manufacturing, port-surrounding chemical engineering, new energy, food and medicine, and health and care for the senior. This investment negotiation was an accurate connection with Laoting’s industrial layout, and through this precise investment, Laoting would bring in investment projects on purpose, constantly expand the industrial scale, extend the industrial chain and therefore enhance projects’ clustering effect. Through "business investment", Laoting constantly expanded its "circle of friends", developed its investment network, and attracted related enterprises to settle in Laoting.