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Zunhua "Zhongke Bolian" gained Lots of Orders 2017-12-26

On the morning of December 25, Zunhua Economic Development Zone was both cold and hot. “Cold” referred to the subzero weather and “hot” was the heated atmosphere of project construction in the development zone. When the author went into the production workshop of Zhongke Bolian Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., he saw dozens of workers were busy with production and processes of appliance transportation, equipment welding and node grinding were strictly in order.

This batch of integrated intelligent environmental protection equipment was produced after the company completed its project’s first phase and it was put into operation. Besides, the order of this batch of productions reached 80 million yuan. According to the introduction of Xu Haijun, a technical quality control engineer of Zhongke Bolian, the company was in a good situation with overwhelmed orders from lots of places. Currently, the company was producing smart environmental protection equipment for Lulong County, and it had lasted for more than a month. He added that the project was scheduled to be delivered at the early January of 2018 and then, the company would produce for Wulanhaote.

As a relocation company from Beijing, Zhongke Bolian has devoted itself to the research and development of sludge aerobic fermentation technology, problem solutions on products, and production design and manufacturing for many years. It has strong technology, comprehensive productions, and more than 70 patents. Besides, the following pieces of equipment are widely used in the field of sludge treatment, such as the integrated intelligent aerobic fermentation equipment (CTB intelligent robot), smart uniform flip robot and intelligent automatic cloth robot. The company has a promising market as China's urban sewage treatment rate continues to increase.

Since this year, Zhongke Bolian has sped up its project construction, quickly completed the first phase of its project and put it into operation based on the close cooperation with various departments in Zunhua. For the future, Guo Lingcai, the factory director of Zhongke Bolian, is full of confidence. The company will conduct its second phase of construction in 2018 and it will be finished and put into operation by the end of 2018. It is estimated that it will be able to complete over 2 billion yuan of profits and taxes within 5 years and increase more than 200 jobs.