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Screw-thread Steel of Tangsteel assisted Construction of Xiongan New Area 2017-12-27

Recently, HBIS Tangsteel customized and produced 275 tons of quality steel for the engineering project of Xiongan New Area Citizen Service Center, and received good feedback from users.

HBIS Tangsteel made seamless joint with key projects by its quality products and customized services to assist the construction of national new area. HBIS Tangsteel No.2 Steel Rolling Plant closely worked with HBIS Sales Tangsteel Branch Company, kept a close eye on national major projects and municipal landmark projects, and conducted in-depth field visits. Besides, HBIS Tangsteel got to know the needs of end users, played the integrated advantages of production, sales and research, and made a successful seamless joint with the engineering project of Xiongan New Area Citizen Service Center by supplying the first engineering project of Xiongan New Area with screw-thread steel.

In allusion to the project’s characteristics of short time, heavy tasks, many specifications and small batch, HBIS Tangsteel No.2 Steel Rolling Plant closely cooperated with the sales system to open a “green channel” and make priority scheduling according to the needs of users. In production, the plant had the efficient organization ability and implemented high standard quality control in the whole process to ensure product quality and delivery time. On the basis of hanging a normal product label, the screw-thread steel directly supplying for Xiongan New Area should be additionally hung with a red sign marking "designed for Xiongan". No. 2 Steel Rolling Plant and HBIS Sales Tangsteel Branch Company together coordinated relevant departments to clear the process, do preparation work of printing signs for supply products in advance, and ensure that the products can be delivered on time.