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Tangshan Municipal Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce won Provincial 5A-level Chamber of Commerce 2017-12-27

On the occasion of the 4th anniversary, Tangshan Municipal Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce passed the star evaluation of Hebei Provincial Social Organization organized by Hebei Provincial Department of Civil Affairs and became the first 5A-level chamber of commerce of Tangshan Municipal Chamber of Commerce.

Founded in November 2013, Tangshan Municipal Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce has always adhered to the spirit of "great virtue, adore literacy, industry and innovation", which is the spirit of new merchants of Jiangsu. It insists on making its own mission to "stand still in Tangshan and serve Tangshan". Besides, it is enthusiastic in public matters, helps the poor and vulnerable groups, and therefore establishes a good social image in the area of Tangshan. More and more merchants of Jiangsu have not only involved in Tangshan's social life but also in public welfare establishments under the leadership of the chamber of commerce. According to incomplete statistics, 180 member organizations have actively involved in the economic cooperation and development, and social welfare establishments in places of Tangshan and Jiangsu Province with a total of more than 2 million yuan of donations over the past four years.