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Swimming Enthusiasts of Tangshan welcomed New Year by Winter Swimming 2017-12-29


On the afternoon of December 28, more than 60 winter swimming enthusiasts from Winter Swimming Branch Association of Tangshan Municipal Swimming Association participated in the 1st Session of "Skyhawk Ecological Park Cup" Exhibition Match of Winter Swimming for Welcoming New Year at "Swan Lake" of Skyhawk Ecological Park in Kaiping District, which was a unique way to welcome the arrival of New Year.

The lowest temperature of the day was -5, and it rose up to 2—3 after breaking the ice. It was one of the coldest days of the year; however, the competition site became an ocean of joy. Against the background of the audience’s fur and cotton clothes on the shore, winter swimming enthusiasts leaped into the water and cleaved through the waves without their shirts on but with happy face in each and every one of them. Among winter swimming enthusiasts, the oldest was 84-year-old Han Ruidi and the youngest was around 20 years old.

Winter swimming is not only a kind of sport challenging the cold, nature, selves for brave human beings, but also a type of sport benefiting the physical and mental health for winter swimming enthusiasts. Tangshan City carried out this sport early in Hebei Province. Tangshan Winter Swimming Club (predecessor of Winter Swimming Branch Association of Tangshan Swimming Association) was established in 1984, and at its peak, there were more than 500 people. In 1995, Tangshan used to hold its 1st Session of National Winter Swimming Tournament from February 19 to February 21.

The winter swimming enthusiasts of Tangshan City often go to the following places, such as Beijing, Heihe, Harbin, Hong Kong, Laohekou of Hubei, Changyang, Mount Wuyi of Fujian and Jilin to participate in winter swimming competitions, fellowship and other activities, and have won numerous medals, pennants and other honors. In addition, they used to undertake a national scientific research project on winter swimming.