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Alibaba released Big Data: Two Villages in Tangshan on the List of Taobao Village 2017-12-29

Recently, Ali Research Institute announced the list of 2017 Taobao Village, including West Yangzhuang Village, East Xinzhuang Town, Zunhua City and Hexi Village, Yahongqiao Town, Yutian County. These two villages provided useful experience for the recovery of rural vitality of Tangshan City and the promotion of revitalization of countryside.

According to Alibaba’s analysis of the big data, there were 2,118 Taobao villages and 242 Taobao towns across the country. Among them, there were 146 Taobao villages in Hebei Province and 2 of them were in Tangshan City.

Since 2009, the statistics of Taobao Village was released annually. Taobao Village refers to the village whose number of active online shops reached more than 10% of the number of local households and the annual turnover of electronic commerce reaches more than 10 million yuan. In Tangshan City, both West Yangzhuang Village and Hexi Village have formed their Scale Effects and Synergy Effects.

West Yangzhuang Village, East Xinzhuang Town, Zunhua City: Taobao’s First Village on Cages for Pets

Hexi Village, Yahongqiao Town, Yutian County: Orders of Express Accounts for 40% of Yutian County

Hexi Village, located in the riverside of River Huanxiang, had prosperous business since ancient times relying on its superior advantages on the transportation of water and land. Especially after the reform and opening up policy, Yahongqiao Town was awarded one of the National Top 10 Bitty Commodity Exchange Markets and its commerce industry had a rapid development. Besides, Hexi Village gradually became the trade center of Yahongqiao Town and professional markets of miscellaneous goods, hardware, ceramics, knitting and footwear, and bitty commodity wholesale markets constantly came forth like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. At present, there are more than 6,000 commercial tenants on various businesses with the annual market turnover reaching more than 10 billion yuan.