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Tourism of Tangshan City ushered in a Successful Start 2018-01-02

The holiday of 2018 New Year’s Day was spent in a happy and peaceful atmosphere, which also ushered in a little climax of the tourism in Tangshan City. According to statistics, Tangshan City ushered in a total of 272,000 tourists in this three-day-holiday, an increase of 157.8% over the same period of the previous year. The revenue of tourism was 193.12 million yuan, an increase of 172% over the same period of last year.

This year, more scenic spots of Tangshan City launched winter tourism products which were good for sale. These products enriched the supply of ice-snow travel, rural tourism and folk tourism, and the market of winter tourism was constantly heated up. For instance, South Lake Ecotourism Scenic Spot Citizen Hiking Convention attracted a large number of enthusiasts to participate in the competition; Fengnan Canal Chinatown held the activity of Noah Fur Carnival, among which, celebrity Errenzhuan, songs, fur shows and more than 10 items about snow were pretty attractive, including children's sleighs, snow boats, snowmobiles and snow tanks, and 18,000 tourists were accepted in these three days; Asia-Pacific Ski Resort of Zunhua and Tianshan Agricultural Park of Lubei set extra-large playing snow areas for children; Yulongwan Ski Resort of Yutian launched a variety of rich and colorful competitions and activities to attract many tourists’ visit and play; Tangshan International Tourism Island launched the collection ticket of Moon Island and Bodhi Island, which allowed visitors to watch the sea in the hot spring and to experience the unique island scenery, and the town of snow -- Bodhi Island, launched a number of entertainment activities including skiing, skating, and parent-child theme activities. In addition, rural tourism spots of Lubei, Fengrun, Luannan, Yutian and other places carefully prepared the picking of fresh fruits and vegetables in greenhouses, which were popular among the public, and Yutian received a total of 20,000 people. A number of travel agencies in our city designed periphery one-day and two-day tour routes, which mainly consisted of skiing and hot spring. They provided citizens with a variety of travel options, and boosted the tourism market to form a a small climax.