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Cargo Throughput of Caofeidian Port Group Firstly broke 100 Million Tons 2018-01-04

At the beginning of New Year, good news arrived at Caofeidian Port: up to 8 o’clock of December 30, 2017, the wharves owned by Caofeidian Port Group Co., Ltd. annually accumulated a total of 100.02 million tons of cargo throughput, which crossed the threshold of 100 million tons for the first time and entered in port club of 100 million tons in China!

Caofeidian Port Group was established in 2007 and put into operation in 2009, and within 8 years, the group achieved a historic leap from zero to a breakthrough of 100 million tons. It has gone through the development process that would be several decades to one century for other large port enterprises, and it is therefore called a miracle in the historical development of coastal ports in China. It has been 10 years since the group was established. Based on the diamond-grade deep water shoreline resource inside Bohai Bay, a vast majority of builders are rooted in the sand island and have worked hard to start their businesses. At present, 28 deep water berths from 5 to 400,000 tons have been put into operation, and the designed capacity has reached over 100 million tons. Besides, the accept for carriage consists of ore, steel, coal, crude oil, water residue, fertilizer, soda ash, crude salt, heavy equipment and other bulk, general and container cargoes. Among them, two more specialized berths of Diantou district possess the qualification for the largest bulk carrier of 400,000 tons to berth in the world and realize the normal work of loading and unloading. At present, Caofeidian Port Group Company has become the flagship enterprise with the largest scale, the most investment control power and the most complete goods category in the island, and plays a leading role in the planning, construction and infrastructure maintenance of the port area.

It is expected that within three years, the cargo throughput of the group will exceed 200 million tons, and the overall traffic volume of Caofeidian Port will exceed 500 million tons. Therefore, it will become the most convenient and economic marine outfall, the main port of energy and raw material transportation for Circum-Bohai-Sea, and an important node of the "Belt and Road Initiative" in the western region. Besides, through its powerful port promotion effect, it will lead Caofeidian to become China's growth pole for chemical smelting and heavy equipment manufacturing, as well as a significant regional logistics node city of the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.