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Tourism Market of Zunhua ushered in a "Successful Start" 2018-01-08

The holiday of 2018 New Year, whose "protagonists" were snow and ice tour, hot spring tour and countryside tour, drove the tourism market of Zunhua to usher in its "small peak." During the holiday, Zunhua accepted 65,600 tourists and realized total tourism revenue of 60 million yuan, an increase of 15% over the same period of last year.

In this year, a “successful start” was ushered in by tourism of Zunhua, including passionate snow, fiery hot spring, and characteristic picking. In Zunhua, more than 7,000 tourists experienced the unique winter bubble bathing in hot spring project at Longze Tangquan Palace, and more than 100 rooms were full every day. The following projects were pretty attractive and tourists were attracted in an endless stream, consisting of the large-scale light exhibition promoted by Folk Asia Pacific Agricultural Tourism Park, picking project promoted by Shangheyuan and Fuli Sightseeing Park, as well as ice cascade view, skiing and skating projects promoted by Dashiyu Scenic Area and Asia Pacific Ski Resort. Zhang Yu, a visitor pleasantly said that “the natural landscape makes me shocked when I take my family on a vacation to tour at Dashiyu Scenic Area, and we feel enjoyable; at the same time, we feel that there are more and more scenic spots in Zunhua.”

Since Zunhua was listed in the second batch of "Demonstration Areas for National All-for-one Tourism", Zunhua has made continuous efforts in the construction of tourism projects, improvement of tourism environment, product development, publicity and marketing, and other aspects, and the quality and level of tourism services have been obviously enhanced. In 2017, Zunhua received a total of 7 million tourists and achieved aggregate tourism revenue of 6.34 billion yuan, an increase of 30% over the same period of last year.