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Tangshan City brought out Tourism Brand of "Tangshan Weekend" 2018-01-09

Tangshan City released the tourism brand of "Tangshan Weekend" to invite tourists to spend their weekends in Tangshan.

Currently, the market of surrounding tour and short-distance tour is increasingly popular in the country, and the weekend tour constantly urges the weekend economy. Under this trend, the tourism brand of "Tangshan Weekend" comes into being. “Tangshan Weekend” is a comprehensive industrial tourism brand of leisure and holiday which deeply integrates culture, transportation, agriculture, housing construction, medical treatment, sports, catering and other industries, and condenses the abundant humanities and ecology of Tangshan. It mainly aims at the market of tourist source in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

The ultimate goal of "Tangshan Weekend" is to create "The First Brand of Chinese Weekend Vacation", and the brand’s connotation can be condensed into "Tangshan Weekend, Relax You and Me". Based on the natural and cultural characteristics of Tangshan City, there are five theme products under the brand of "Tangshan Weekend". Respectively, they are "Three Islands of Tangshan" (island and beach, and fully enjoy the nature); "Industrial Cradle" (foreign affairs and industrial origin); "Village Life of Tangshan" (villages of Tangshan and natural folk village); "Royal Hot Spring" (bath culture and enjoy health preservation); and "Hometown of Ping Opera" (drama of national essence and popular art). It is reported that each theme product has its specific product standards, and the brand of "Tangshan Weekend," the first batch of project is concluded.

At the same time, "Tangshan Weekend", guided by the concept of "Tourism Supermarket", consists of various types of tourism products including eating, living and entertainment. It gives tourists a direct and comprehensive understanding of the integrated tourism market of Tangshan, so that tourists could base on their own needs to enter into “Tourism Supermarket” and freely choose a single product and make combination routes by the developed network system.

Aiming at the market of self-driving travel, Tangshan City has developed several competitive routes. Among them, there are two routes in winter: the first route is a two-day tour of the royal hot spring and ice and snow, whose route is Eastern Royal Tombs of the Qing Dynasty in Zunhua (snow-covered landscape of the Eastern Royal Tombs)Tangquan Palace Hot Spring Vacation Village (the royal hot spring)Yulongwan Ski Resort; and the second one is a two-day tour of island hot spring lantern festival, whose route is China (Tangshan) Industrial MuseumKailuan National Mine Park and Locomotive MuseumSouth Lake Lantern FestivalTangshan International Tourism Island (Bodhi snow village and Moon Island hot spring). Besides, there are five conventional routes: (1) Northern route, Eastern Royal Tombs of the Qing Dynasty in ZunhuaTangquan Palace Hot Spring Vacation VillageSun Valley Manchu Style VillageQingshan Pass; Mount Jingzhong in QianxiPanjiakou Underwater Great WallXifeng Xiongguan Dadao ParkQian'an Baiyang Valley. (2) Central route, China (Tangshan) Industrial MuseumQixin 1889 Cement MuseumKailuan National Mine Park and Locomotive MuseumTangjin Canal Ecotourism ResortSouth Lake Ecotourism Scenic AreaEarthquake Memorial ParkCeramic Culture and Creativity Center. (3) Southern route, Tangshan International Tourism Island Bodhi IslandMoon IslandCaofeidian Golf ClubCaofeidian College of Technology (visit 3D printing); Tangshan International Tourism Island Bodhi IslandXiangyun Island Golden BeachLi Dazhao Memorial Hall and Former ResidenceLuannan Zuidong Shell Picking Beach. (4) Central + northern route, Qixin 1889 Cement MuseumTangshan Ceramic MuseumLuanzhou Old TownQian'an ShanyekouYaluan Bay Agriculture ParkQian'an Baiyang Valley. (5) Central + southern route, China (Tangshan) Industrial MuseumKailuan National Mine ParkSouth Lake Ecological Tourism Scenic Area (listen to Ping Opera at the Fragrant Garden)Tangshan International Tourism Island.