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Relocated Enterprises of Beijing flowed to Caofeidian 2018-01-10

A few days ago, China Minmetals Corporation signed contracts with five enterprises in Beijing, including Caofeidian Port Group, to jointly build a 100 million-ton-level Chinese Minmetals Caofeidian International Ore Trading Center, and enterprises in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and its surroundings would attain a new platform of logistics trade with convenient, efficient and low-cost characteristics.

The Fourth Session of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Collaborative Innovation Community Forum and Caofeidian Science and Technology Development Innovation-driven Seminar was held on December 15, 2017. At the seminar, 22 projects were signed at the site, including Beijing Municipal Government Caofeidian Manufacturing Base, Beijing Tucson Future Smart Logistics, Beijing Grain Group Cold Chain Warehousing and Logistics, Hexiang Electromechanical Ceramic Robots and so on, with a total investment of 17.905 billion yuan.

Besides, at Caofeidian Urban Industry Investment Promotion Conference in July 2017, 19 projects were signed on the site, including smart equipment, financial insurance, logistics and so on, involving an amount of 25.86 billion yuan.

Statistically, Caofeidian has signed 99 projects of Beijing and Tianjin since 2017, with a total investment of 130.9 billion yuan, among which, 83 are projects of Beijing with a total investment of 126.3 billion yuan.

Providing "nanny-style" service

"Since 2017, the flow of people, logistics and capital flow of Caofeidian have an accelerated convergence. The developmental trend and situation of Caofeidian become better and better", said Sun Guishi, a member of Tangshan Municipal Standing Committee and secretary of Caofeidian District Committee.

It was introduced that in 2017, the annual GDP of Caofeidian was expected to reach 43.2 billion yuan, an increase of 7.7% on year-on-year basis; all the financial revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan, reaching 11 billion yuan; Caofeidian completed 90 billion yuan of the whole social investment in fixed assets; the throughput of port exceeded 300 million yuan; and the income of main businesses increased 30% and the rental of import and export increased 16.8%. The economic situation of the whole district continued to maintain a positive trend and achieved its stable economic indicators with good momentum.

On July 26, 2017, Beijing Urban Construction Heavy Industry New Energy Vehicle Project officially completed and was put into production followed with the first new energy logistics car off the assembly line. "Our fast development is inseparable from the local support", said Pang Zhong, chairman of the board. Besides, he introduced that "Each part of the project, such as project approval, business registration, planning and environmental impact assessment, is conducted through the green channel. In addition, each work is undertaken by a responsible person, and Caofeidian fulfilled its promise of 'nanny-style' service!”

Through laying the production base out in Caofeidian, Beijing Urban Construction Heavy Industry fully enjoyed the dividend of integrated market of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The market expanded to the integrated market of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region from relying on the single market of Beijing. Currently, the first phase of the project covering an area of 25.37 acres has achieved an annual output of 10,000 sets. By the completion of the third phase of the project in 2019, it will achieve its annual production capacity of 50,000 sets.

The pace of signed projects sped up

In 2017, 35 new projects were intensively started on October 22, including Caofeidian MCC Ruimu New Materials; on September 9, the production project of Beijing Louis D’or Fast-frozen Food Co., Ltd., which is the leading brand of frozen food industry, took only 5 months to have its trial production; on July 1, Dunshi Machinery Project of Jinyu Caofeidian Collaborative Development Demonstration Industrial Park began its trial production in less than a month; Caofeidian Yingmei Technology Co., Ltd., constructed by CET through investing 700 million yuan, spent less than two months from its signing to construction; Beijing Dongbang Door Industry Co., Ltd. invested 250 million yuan in Beijing Dongbang Green Construction Equipment Base Project, which used only 93 days from start to operation, and its general manager Huo Yujia said, "After settling in Caofeidian, our production capacity is 15 times larger than that in Beijing. "

Chen Mo, the co-founder of Tucson Internet, a world famous autopilot hi-tech enterprise that has signed in Caofeidian, said, "In here, the facilities are well completed and various elements are fully equipped. Caofeidian is the most suitable place for enterprises of Beijing to invest."

It was reported that in Caofeidian, Tucson Internet would build an automatic drive truck test base, an automated business operation base of logistics transportation, an automated logistics demonstration area and a gathering place for the autonomous drive truck industry chain. "In just two months, we have reached a cooperation agreement with the government of Caofeidian, and we will launch the road test of our automatic drive cars in Caofeidian," said Chen Mo.

"One window" for businesses of two places

Beijing-Hebei (Caofeidian) Human Resources and Social Security Service Center was jointly established by “two places and four parties” of Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Hebei Province, Tangshan Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Caofeidian District on November 9, 2017. The human resources and social security departments of Beijing and Hebei will form an "entirety", and Beijing enterprises in Caofeidian will only need to enter a single door and a solitary window to understand and obtain the policies and services of both Beijing and Hebei. The social insurance businesses involved in the two places of Beijing and Hebei can also be directly handled, and there is no need to rush back and forth between Beijing and Hebei.

In order to optimize the investment environment, Caofeidian took the lead in establishing an administrative approval bureau in Hebei Province as early as two years ago. The bureau put 154 administrative approval functions originally scattered in 22 organizations together and did its utmost to promote "letting go, managing and serving", which truly achieved one seal managing approval and one center having a full coverage. Caofeidian planed and built an area of 74 square kilometers of Caofeidian New City, and jointly worked with Beijing Municipal Government to make Caofeidian New City a modern city which is livable and suitable for enterprises, and can meet the needs of educational and scientific research, culture and originality, headquarters economy and public utilities, commercial services and facility development.

At present, a batch of projects are tightly under construction, such as Shougang Jingtang Phase II, Beijing Jinyu and Caofeidian Synergy Development Demonstration Industrial Park, China National Petroleum LNG Receiving Station Emergency Peak Regulation Assurance Project, China Forestry Wood Industrial Park and Beijing Yingmei Photocopy Materials. Besides, Beijing Tenglong Air Equipment Manufacturing, Yunchao New Emerging High-tech Science and Technology Equipment and other projects complete their construction and are put into production. In addition, a batch of strategic projects has been signed, including Sinochem Xuyang Refinery Integration, Jingneng Caofeidian Port LNG Wharf Receiving Station, MCC Ruimu New Materials, Beijing Anda Science and Technology Efficient Circulation Generation Equipment Production, Beijing Chengzhi Special Vehicle Refit, etc. Also, a batch of major projects is in accelerated promotion, such as China Railway 16th Bureau Construction Engineering Machinery High-end Equipment Manufacturing Base, Monocrystalline Silicon of Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, and Beijing Peace Aluminum.