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Handmade Mulberry Paper in Qian'an appeared in Taiwan 2018-01-11

A few days ago, Song Yuru, general manager of Qian'an Huiyuan Calligraphy and Painting Paper Mill, participated in the activity of Tour of Hebei Culture in Taiwan. When he was back to Qian'an and talked about his feelings, he was very excited. He said, "I feel pretty proud because I can take handmade mulberry paper of Qian'an to participate in this activity of Tour of Hebei Culture in Tangshan. At the same time, Qian Paper’s debut in Taiwan makes me more than excited and aspired, and in the future, I will work harder to let more and more calligraphers and painters to know about and like Qian Paper. "

The activity of Tour of Hebei Culture in Taiwan was held in Taiwan Buddha Memorial Hall on New Year’s Eve, jointly hosted by Taiwan Affairs Office of Hebei Provincial People's Government and Hebei Provincial Culture Department, and specifically undertaken by Hebei-Taiwan Cultural Exchange Center, Xingyun Culture and Education Foundation and Consortium Corporation World Culture and Education Foundation. It consisted of "Voice of Yanzhao and Taste of Zen and Tea" concert, "Wonderful and Various Paper" Hebei paper making and printing technology exhibition, "Love of Chinese Ink Painting Between Hebei and Taiwan" calligraphy and painting exchange and other activities.

Among them, at the exhibition area of “Wonderful and Various Paper”, non-exquisite artifacts such as Hebei Qian'an Mulberry Paper known as "Qian in North and Xuan in South" showed the inheritance and development of the contemporary "paper" process in Hebei Province. In the activity, the "Four Treasures of Literature" exhibition area surrounded by booth of handmade mulberry paper in Qian’an, Houdian writing brush booth and Yishui inkstone booth, both calligraphists and painters in Hebei and Taiwan poured ink and paint, and they created two pieces of work of "Home" and "Harmony" with handmade mulberry paper of Qian’an. Besides, they were respectively retained in both Hebei and Taiwan to remember this activity.