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Overall Traffic Volume of Caofeidian Port will exceed 500 Million Tons within Three Years 2018-01-12

In 2018, Caofeidian Port will implement "Northwest (Hinterland) Strategy" in depth. The cargo throughput will maintain its trend of strong growth with the continuous improvement of the system of collection, distribution and transportation within the port railway and the maritime shipping system. It is estimated that over the next three years, the overall traffic volume of Caofeidian Port will exceed 500 million tons, and Caofeidian Port will become the most convenient and economic marine outfall in the west area.

With the opening and operation of Inner MongoliaHebei Railway with Caofeidian Port as the end, Caofeidian Port seized the opportunity to speed up the implementation of "Northwest (Hinterland) Strategy" and successively established three inland ports of Baotou, Erenhot and Wulianchabu in Inner Mongolia. Taking it as a blueprint, Caofeidian continued to replicate and promote in the northwest area, and extend the layout of inland port to regions of Ningxia and Xinjiang, and finally formed a network of collection, distribution and transportation through Central Asia, Western Asia and directly to the port of Antwerp in the region of Europe.

At present, Caofeidian Port has built 88 operational berths and established stable routes with major ports in South China and countries and regions such as Australia, Brazil and Europe. In 2017, the cargo throughput of Caofeidian port exceeded 300 million tons. As an important energy and raw material port and a significant intersection of the "One Belt and One Road Initiative" in North China, Caofeidian Port will rely on its advantages of large port of deep-water, wide hinterland and convenient traffic, and accelerate the shift to a world-class comprehensive trade port with the normalization berth of 400,000 tons of large bulk ship.