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"Tangshan-made" Fuzhou Metro Line 1 operated in Trial for One Year and Daily Capacity reached 150,000 Passengers 2018-01-19

Up to January 6, 2018, twenty-eight trains of "Fu Lung" Fuzhou Metro Line 1, developed by Tangshan Company of CRRC, have operated in trial for one year. Over the past year, more than 50 million passengers took Line 1 to shuttle back and forth in Rongcheng with an average daily capacity of 150,000 passengers.

Fuzhou Metro Line 1 is the first subway line opened and operated in Fujian Province. In Fuzhou, it runs through the four urban districts of Jin'an, Gulou, Taijiang and Cangshan, connecting the two major passenger hubs of South Railway Station and North Railway Station, and concatenating the business center of the north of Fuzhou, provincial and municipal governments (administrative center), Dongjiekou shopping district, Taijiang shopping district, sub-center of Cangshan City, the eastern administrative business center and several major residential areas. Since the opening of Line 1, it has brought a massive flow of people along the shopping district and opened up major resources of economy, administration and commerce, which comprehensively enhanced the growth rate of the economic circle in Great Fuzhou.

The service time of Fuzhou Metro Line 1 lasts for 16 hours from half past six in the morning to half past ten in the evening, which makes Fuzhou become one of the two cities (the other one is Guangzhou) in the country to provide 16-hour operation service since its opening. During the period of official trial operation, its interval of peak hours is 6 minutes and 45 seconds, and 9 minutes and 10 seconds for normal hours.

Over the past year, Tangshan Company of CRRC used its excellent product quality and efficient after-sales service to ensure zero accident for all of those 28 trains of Fuzhou Metro Line 1, the accuracy rate of metro operation maps is 100% and the operation punctuality rate is 99.89%, which were highly praised by Fuzhou Subway Company and the general public of Fuzhou.