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First Batch of Imported Cars of Hebei Province off Line in Tangshan Port 2018-01-18

On January 17, the first batch of imported vehicles arrived in Jingtang Port Area of Tangshan Port, which marked Tangshan finished car import port began to operate. The arrival of this batch of imported vehicles has ended the history that Hebei Province has to import cars by transporting from Tianjin Port or Shanghai Port for several decades as well as has marked a new finished car import and its supporting industrial development have took the first step in Hebei Province.

This time, the imported cars were Toyota Senna commercial vehicles and Chevrolet Camaro sports cars. Their shipment was started from Vancouver, Canada, and they were shipped to Jingtang Port Area of Tangshan Port by the container freighter of "New Longyun 28". Besides, it is expected that by the end of February, about 30 BMW imported vehicles will be successively cleared by the customs from Tangshan Port, and more vehicles of first-line brands such as BMW, Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz will be added later.

Harbor Development Zone will rely on the finished vehicle import port to construct automobile exhibition and sales center, and provide customers with display, sales, modification, insurance, finance, after-sales and other services in order to create a car import industry. At present, the automobile exhibition and sales center is under an intense construction and it will be put into use by the end of March in 2018. At that time, people can visit and buy imported cars at the exhibition center.

On May 28, 2017, the State Council approved Tangshan Port to be a vehicle import port. Also, this is the first time for the national automobile import port to distribute in Tangshan. Over the past half year, Tangshan Port Group inverted construction period, seized port construction, comprehensively conducted cooperation and investment, and achieved its first batch of imported cars to arrive at the port within the shortest time. Xuan Baoguo, party secretary and chairman of Tangshan Port Group, said that in the future, the function of finished car import port would be fully played and the investment of industrial chain would be intensified. Besides, Tangshan Port Group continuously deepened its mutual trust and cooperation with leading enterprises of automobile trade, such as Tianjin Dinghe, Tianjin Shengya, Changjiu Logistics, and Guohe Investment; actively expanded its chain services of import automobiles; and strove to construct Jingtang Port into an important import automobile logistics base in the circum-Bohai-sea region.