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Tangshan Jingyu won 2017 National Joint Engineering Research Center 2018-01-19

Recently, "National Joint Engineering Research Center of Semiconductor Precision Process Technology", declared by Tangshan Jingyu Science and Technology Co., Ltd., was formally named by the National Development and Reform Commission. There are altogether five enterprises on the list in Hebei Province, and Tangshan Jingyu Science and Technology is the only one which has won this laurel.

The National Joint Engineering Research Center is a research and development entity based on enterprises, conversion research organizations, research institutes and universities. It mainly focuses on the industrial features and advantages of the region where it is located, and promotes key common technologies, frontier leading technologies, modern engineering technologies and subversion technology innovations, which have great significance for promoting industrial technological progress and structural adjustment, supporting local governments in building a modern economic system and enhancing regional economic innovation to drive their development ability.

The semiconductor precision process technology, declared by Jingyu Science and Technology, is also called multi-line cutting technology, and it is currently the international advanced semiconductor process technology with characteristics of high efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. However, due to the research and development difficulties, the technology basically used to be monopolized by developed countries, which leads to a long-term dependence on import for domestic semiconductor cutting machines, and seriously restricts the development of electronic components, integrated circuits, photovoltaic and other related industries. In order to develop semiconductor precision process technology and related equipment with independent intellectual property rights, Jingyu Science and Technology will invest more than 15 million yuan on the basis of the existing research and development to remold and upgrade the pilot plant, and add 25 sets of research and development equipment. Besides, the company will develop the innovation storming around the following three research directions of cutting arbitrary two-dimensional shaped curve surface technology, servo motor multi-axis multi-mode synchronous control technology, and robot automatic typesetting cloth technology to provide key common technical support in order to break through foreign technology blockade, and solve the bottleneck of industrial development. During the period of project construction, the company plans to apply for more than 20 patents, publish 2 academic papers and obtain 2 to 3 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards.