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Tangshan City held a New Year Reception of Foreign Experts 2018-01-22

On January 19, Tangshan City held 2018 Tangshan Municipal New Year Reception of Foreign Experts, and 70 foreign expert representatives and international friends from 12 countries, including the United States and Canada, participated in the New Year reception.

Chen Xuemin, member of Tangshan Municipal Committee, minister of Organization Department, and director of United Front Work, He Chunjun, vice director of Tangshan Municipal People's Congress, and Li Changchun, vice chairman of Tangshan Municipal Political Consultative Conference attended the reception, and vice mayor Liang Zhenjiang presided over the reception.

In his speech, Chen Xuemin said that in 2017, Tangshan City focused its efforts on transforming the mode of development, adjusting its economic structure, and pushing forward the supply-side structural reform towards accelerating the goal of "three kinds of efforts on building. Besides, all the work of Tangshan City had achieved the request of “progress in steady”, and these achievements were the cohesion of the wisdom and strength of foreign experts who had been working in Tangshan.

He said that the year of 2018 was the opening year for implementing the spirit of the 19th CPC of National Congress. Tangshan City would always adhere to the principal of quality first and benefit first, give full play to potential advantages of Tangshan, accelerate the compilation of shortages, and strive to compose a new chapter of high-quality development in Tangshan. It was hoped that foreign experts would as always be concerned about and support the construction and development of Tangshan and give full play to their advantages and contribute their wisdom in their own fields of specialization. We would continue to do a good job in all aspects, strive to create a good atmosphere for foreigners who came to Tangshan for innovation and entrepreneurship, and create a new situation in introducing foreign talents and intelligence in a new era.

At the meeting, Rauris, chief automation expert of Hebei Iron and Steel Group Tangshan Branch, and Huan Cheng, general manager of Sumitomo Heavy Machinery (Tangshan) Co., Ltd., delivered their speeches on behalf of foreign experts.