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Tangshan City focused on Starting a Famous Brand of Travel Destination 2018-01-22

In 2017, Tangshan Municipal Tourism Bureau made great efforts to promote the growth of all-for-one tourism, created a "well-known tourism destination city", and achieved significant activities for benefiting people. Besides, it successfully fulfilled the task requirements of relevant practical projects of Tangshan Municipal Government, started a famous brand of tourism destination of Tangshan, and made people enjoy more travel achievements.

Tangshan Tourism People Benefit All-for-one Card was officially released on November 23, 2017. Visitors can take their cards to travel for unlimited times within the validity period in scenic areas that the card includes, and they can enjoy discounts in signed rural resorts and rural hotels. At present, this card can be purchased not only in Tangshan Municipal Tourism Information Center and some stores of travel agency, but also at the official account of "Tangshan Tourism People Benefit Card" micro mall.

In addition, Tangshan Municipal Tourism Bureau jointly launched a Tangshan public transport travel special line with Tangshan Municipal Public Transport Parent Company, and carried out the packaging design of whole vehicles on October 25, 2017. Xing Jinglin, director of Tangshan Municipal Tourism Bureau introduced that "People Benefit Tourism All-for-one Card mainly considers two points: First, it is for the need of tourism industry development from 'ticket economy' to 'diversified economy' which integrates the resources of existing scenic spots. Second, it aims at giving back to the civilians of Tangshan. At the same time, we deliberately cooperate with public transport companies and open up tourism special routes. At present, there are 6 routes and 71 vehicles, and the exterior design of vehicles is full of images of scenic areas, which play a good promotional role in have an intuitive understanding of tourism areas of Tangshan for foreigners and natives. "

In 2017, Tangshan City implemented a total of 119 tourism projects with a total investment of 6.348 billion yuan. Ten projects were newly signed with a total planned investment of 62.1 billion yuan. Qixin 1889 Cultural and Creative Industry Park was upgraded, China Railway Source Museum, China (Tangshan) Industrial Museum and China Tangshan Ceramics Museum were all built and opened up, and the tour of Chinese railway source was launched. It was introduced that in this year, Tangshan Municipal Tourism Bureau would continue to promote all-for-one tourism, and plan tourism projects related to civilians and livelihood, so that the public would have more sense of gain and could enjoy a better life.