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More than 700 Citizens experienced "World Snow Day" at Yulong Bay 2018-01-24

On January 21, 2018, World Snow Day and International Children Skiing Festival and the Fifth Session of “Yulong Bay” Winter Skiiing Festival were held at Yulong Bay Ski Resort of Yutian County, and more than 700 citizens experienced the joy of skiing.

The year of 2018 is a key year for China to realize the goal of "300 million people on ice and snow". Developing sports on ice and snow is not only a specific initiative to promote sports culture, tourism and other related industries to deepen their integrated development, but also an effective way to drive the rapid economic growth of the whole city. After several years of development, the ice and snow sports of Tangshan City develops fast and has successively built seven large and medium ski resorts and snow play resorts, such as Yutian Yulong Bay, Lubei Mountain Wandao, Zunhua Mountain Long, Luan District Mountain Yan and so on. These resorts provide powerful guarantee with popularizing ice and snow sports and increasing the number of people who participate in this sports. At the latest finished 15th session of Hebei Provincial sports games, the players of Tangshan City had excellent grades in the skiing and skating competitions of mass group.

Yulong Bay Ski Resort has accepted 300,000 tourists for six winters with the highest daily reception breaking through 3,500 tourists since its trail operation in January 2013. This activity was hosted by Tangshan Municipal Sports Bureau and Yutian District People’s Government, and undertaken by Yutian District Sports Bureau and Yutian Tangzitou Town People's Government.