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Caofeidian Investment Environment Promotion was Successfully Held 2018-01-25

On January 24, the representatives from 200 enterprises of the printing field in Beijing and Langfang gathered in Caofeidian to attend Beijing Printing Enterprise Annual Conference and Caofeidian Investment Environment Promotion Conference. Eight projects were signed on the scene, involving an investment of 3 billion yuan.

This activity is a successful attempt of friendly cooperation among the government, non-governmental organizations and enterprises. Beijing Printing Association fully plays its role as a bridge and link between government departments and enterprises, deepens understanding and friendship between the government and enterprises through promotion, and lays a solid foundation for sincere cooperation in the development of printing industry. At the same time, each printing enterprise participated in the conference has preliminary understanding of Caofeidian's geographical advantages, investment environment and development prospects.

With the accelerated construction of Caofeidian deep-water port and the rapid accumulation of various production factors, Caofeidian has become a highland for the development of new industries, fertile ground for domestic and foreign investors, and especially a treasure land for the development of printing industry. Zhang Yi, chairman of Beijing Printing Association, said at the conference that setting up an industrial printing park in Caofeidian could meet the current objective requirements and needs, and the printing enterprises in Beijing could be improved by using Caofeidian's resource advantages and building a standardized industrial platform. Besides, Lv Yongbing, general manager of Caofeidian Zhonghe Boxin Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., illustrated that he was confident about building a good publishing and printing eco-park as well as providing dedicated services for the projects in the park.