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Construction of the World's Largest Convention Center will use "Tangshan Steel" 2018-01-26

Recently, HBIS Tangsteel made 500 tons of high-strength structural-level galvanized products for customers. These products have been stepping up production on the line, and will be used for the phase construction of Shenzhen International Convention.

The products, such as high-strength floor deck and lightweight steel construction, are made of high-strength structural-level galvanized products and widely used in steel structure buildings such as airport terminals, railway stations, etc. These products have characteristics of speeding up construction progress, saving material costs and increasing the life of building and safety coefficient. In recent years, with the rapid development of steel structures, high-strength structural-level galvanized products have gained favor from the market.

HBIS Tangsteel actively adjusts the structure of customer base, fully docks the national key projects, and promotes high-end products with high standards and high requirements for high-end customers. The project has high requirements on the yield strength, corrosion resistance and other requirements of products. HBIS Tangsteel sends a professional team of research, production and promotion to have deep understanding of customers’ requirements, precisely adjust process parameters, strictly standardize operations, and accurately increase the thickness of zinc layer. Therefore, product corrosion resistance and yield strength will be improved. Besides, the product quality will ensure customers’ requirements can be met.

The project of Shenzhen International Convention Center is a major landmark project in relation to the future development of Shenzhen. It is of great significance to enhance the city's function and image, and to build the core zone of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Great Bay Area. The first phase of the project will be completed and put into operation in September 2018, and Shenzhen International Convention Center will become the largest convention center in the world upon its completion.