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Caofeidian Gained Success on Scale Strawberry Planting in winter 2018-01-29

The people in Caofeidian plants strawberries in winter are nothing new. However, planting strawberries in the saline-alkali soil is a new thing. A few days ago, Chinese scholars made a breakthrough in the research on coastal saline soil, and succeeded in large-scale planting of strawberry on the coastal saline soil of 16.47 acres in the coastal town of Tianxu Hot Spring in Caofeidian. This technology fills the blank in the efficient utilization of coastal saline-soil with direct facilities in Hebei Province.

The news that "Caofeidian plants strawberries on the saline-alkali soil" spread like wildfire. Nearby villagers came to Tianxu Hot Spring Town one after another explored the actual situation. Du Guangyin is 65 years old, whose home is in Luannan. Besides, he is an expert on planting strawberries. He said, "The roots of strawberries are shallow, and sensitive to the concentration of salt in the soil, extremely demanding on the organic matter content. It is a ‘common sense’ that strawberries cannot be planted in the saline-alkali soil, however, I would like to see that what the strawberry is like grown in the saline-alkali soil." At last, the result surprised him, because strawberries not only could grow in the saline-alkali soil but also taste better than that of other places.

Wang Bingyi, manager of technical production department of Tianxu Hot Spring Town introduced that "According to the improvement program made by Hebei Provincial Agricultural Sciences Academy Coastal Agriculture Institute, we adopt methods of adding ardealite, corn stalks and fermented cow dung to fertilize the soil, reduce the bulk density of the soil, enhance soil permeability, and make the PH value of soil decrease to the scope of suitable crops by combining with advanced drip irrigation technology. Currently, we have selected four varieties of strawberries, such as 'Hongyan' and 'Little white', whose survival rates reach 90%. The output is higher than it is expected; in addition, for the same variety of strawberry, the sweetness is higher than that of anywhere else.”

In the coldest days of the year, we come to Tianxu Hot Spring Town, where in the north of Caofeidian University City. This place is located in the east of Luancao Road, about 10 kilometers from the sea. Outside the 34 greenhouses, we saw the white earth bleached in the soil, however, inside the greenhouses, there is a lush areabright red crisp strawberries are dripping on the blue green vines. Zhang Guoxin, a researcher at the Institute of Coastal Agricultural Research, Hebei Provincial Agricultural Sciences Academy introduced, “In 2016, Caofeidian cooperated with Coastal Agricultural Research Institute to carry out the scientific research on the improvement of coastal saline-alkali soil. After several years of experiments, the soil salinity is reduced by 70% and the organic matter is increased by 50%, which realize a major breakthrough in the direct utilization and safe production of coastal plain soil and provide technical support for the efficient agricultural development in the coastal heavy saline-alkali soil.”

The soil salinization is restricting the development of global agriculture. The global saline soil area is about 8.31 million square kilometers, equivalent to 1.07 times of Australia's land area. Caofeidian efficiently use the breakthrough in coastal saline soil resources, which will form a new production mode of coastal saline soil facilities and contribute a Chinese program to the solution of this world problem.