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Hebei Provincial E-commerce Industry Summit Forum and the 1st Session of Tangshan E-commerce Festival was opened in Tangshan City 2018-01-30

On the morning of January 26, a two-day "Hebei Provincial E-commerce Industry Summit Forum and the 1st Tangshan E-commerce Festival" was opened at Tangshan South Lake International Convention Center.

With the theme of "Transformation and Upgrade of Cities and Enterprises in a New Era, and the Road to New Economy and Retail E-commerce", this summit forum and e-commerce festival was supported by Hebei Provincial Electronic Commerce Association, and Tangshan Municipal Commerce Bureau, co-sponsored by Tangshan Municipal E-commerce Association and Tangshan South Lake International Convention Center, and undertaken by Gathering People Benefit and Global Supply Chain, and Search Wine Network. A total of 500 people participated in the summit forum, including experts and scholars from both inside and outside Hebei Province, international delegations of the Belt and Road Initiative, and representatives from the three electricity supplier companies in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. In addition, nearly 100 e-commerce enterprises in Hebei Province attended the e-commerce festival with more than 10,000 kinds of products.

This grand meeting adopted the mode of "conference with convention", namely, a major forum, "the 1st Session of Tangshan E-commerce Festival" and "Tangshan Municipal E-commerce Annual Conference, were held on the same day. The first session of Tangshan E-commerce Festival was a concentrated manifestation of corporate image and developmental achievements in the development of e-commerce in Tangshan over the past two decades. Besides, it was a platform not only for communication and cooperation among e-commerce, but also for the citizens of Tangshan City to understand and experience e-commerce. In addition, the festival provided a brand new choice for enriching the supply for the market of 2018 Spring Festival and meeting the needs of products of New Year for the people in Tangshan. The summit invited the following domestic well-known experts and scholars to deliver their theme speeches, they were: Tang Sheng, secretary-general of Cross-border E-commerce Commission of China E-commerce Association; Wang Jixiang, vice president of China Warehousing and Distribution Association,  and principal of China Logistics Industry Network; Li Jun, director of China Private Economy Research Center, and vice president of Geju Business School; Sun Deyan, president of Hebei Provincial E-commerce Association, etc. The festival precisely felt the pulse, deeply communicated and carefully planned on aspects of e-commerce industry position, development direction, industry layout, talent development and policy support in Hebei Province by focusing on the current situation and developmental trend of e-commerce industry in Hebei Province and leveraging on the coordinated developmental strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. Regarding the association as a platform, the festival established an interactive mechanism of e-commerce industry in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region to promote transformation and upgrade, and deep integration among enterprises.

In recent years, the development of e-commerce in Tangshan has been greatly supported and guided by relevant state ministries and commissions, provincial commerce departments, municipal government, industrial organizations, and all sectors of society. E-commerce industry has been successively selected as major projects of the city's national economy and social development planning, the urban economic development, smart city construction, smart agriculture construction, industrialization integration, etc., and has been regarded as the main support object among small and micro enterprises. This forum brought together e-commerce elites from all sectors of society, and invited them to take the pulse and guide the development e-commerce in Tangshan City. Tangshan City will take advantage of the favorable opportunity of this summit, learn from advanced concepts with an open mind, and conscientiously draw on the experience of advanced experience. Besides, Tangshan City will constantly enhance its policy support, tamp basis support, optimize operation environment and further motivate the innovative, potential, entrepreneurial vitality with more forward-thinking, innovative-thinking and more pragmatic measures, and therefore strive to build Tangshan City into a national e-commerce strong city and the e-commerce center city in the circum-Bohai-sea region.