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SDIC Caofeidian Port promoted Construction of Marine Shore Power to Build a Green Port 2018-01-31

Recently, the starting dock of SDIC Caofeidian Port successfully used the first low-voltage vessel to power the ship. In the future, the freighters which dock at the pier will no longer need to burn heavy oil, because only one cable is enough to supply electricity for production and living by receiving electric energy from the shore instead of docking vessel's own fuel power generation system. The deployment of marine shore power equipment has taken a new step for SDIC Caofeidian Port to build a green ecological port.

SDIC Caofeidian Port, as the largest professional transit port for coal in the Bohai Bay, has a large number of works of ship reaching every year. In fact, the air pollution in the port area mainly comes from the giant ships which dock at the shore for loading and unloading of goods, because when ships are docking at the port, the auxiliary diesel generators of the ships need to ceaselessly work 24 hours in order to meet some of the loading and unloading operations and on board air-conditioning, communications, lighting and other electricity needs. Most of the auxiliary fuel is poor quality heavy oil and its fuel utilization is not high, which means that ships continue to emit greenhouse gases and diesel particles to the local air, and the generated air pollutants should not be underestimated. In addition, the excess energy generated by marine diesel engines cannot be stored, which will cause a lot of waste.

SDIC Caofeidian Port actively promotes the technology of marine shore power, and has done a lot of work in terms of subject research, program demonstration, equipment installation and debugging, and the test of connecting ships and receiving power. It only takes five months from ascertaining the implementation to the successful one-time power-on test. At present, the marine shore power system of CSIC Caofeidian Port meets international standards and can be reliably, safely and properly docked with international ships. Therefore, berthing ships can be changed from "drinking oil" to "electricity consumption", which achieves the “zero fuel consumption, zero emission and zero noise" to reduce the emission of NOx and SOx and improves the environmental quality. At the same time, this change reduces the operating cost of ship berthing for ship-owners. Next, SDIC Caofeidian Port will continue to improve and enhance the construction of shore power project and improve the coverage of its application.