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Development of Tangshan Sannvhe Airport in Full-scale Acceleration 2018-02-02

Tangshan Sannvhe Airport continuously strengthens its management quality, deepens its airport orientation and innovates its business model. Therefore, its achievements of production and operation are outstanding, and its development is in full-scale acceleration. According to the information provided by Tangshan Sannvhe Airport Management Co., Ltd., Tangshan Sannvhe Airport completed 5,405 sorties of airplane rising and landing in 2017, an increase of 81.01% over the previous year; the passenger throughput was 519,200 passengers, an increase of 115.42% over the same period of the previous year; the throughput of cargo and postal lines was 3,876.35 tons, an increase of 82.94% over the same period of last year; and the throughput of cargo and mail was 1,261.01 tons, an increase of 50.7% over the same period of last year.

In 2017, Tangshan Sannvhe Airport achieved a leapfrog development and great success. Up to now, by continuously optimizing the route network, Tangshan Sannvhe Airport has been used on 9 airlines, 11 line routes and 15 cities, including Tangshan—Shanghai, Changsha—Tangshan—Dalian, Wuhan—Tangshan—Changchun, Xi'an—Tangshan—Harbin, Chongqing—Tangshan—Dalian, Chengdu—Tangshan—Harbin, Haikou—Tangshan—Shenyang, Harbin—Tangshan—Xiamen, Sanya—Tangshan—Changchun, Haikou—Tangshan—Changchun, Tangshan—Sanming—Guangzhou, which form a network layout covering Northeast, North, Northwest, Southwest, South, and East China, etc. At the same time, the airport organized "Anqing Tourism Product Promotion", "2017 Tangshan Sannvhe Airport Airline Press Promotion", and "Tangshan Sannvhe Airport 2017—2018 Winter and Spring Air Routes and Tourism Product Promotion", which played positive roles in promoting the development of aviation market.

In 2017, Tangshan Sannvhe Airport actively transformed its thinking in terms of freight business, sought for innovative cooperation mode by respectively cooperating with HNA and Eastern Cargo, carried out the fixed cargo transit mode, such as radiating Northwest with Xi'an as its center, radiating Northeast with Dalian as its center, and radiating East China with Pudong as its center, and therefore realized its goal of reaching major cities in the country. In addition, the annual transportation of various goods (mail) reached 1,200 tons, an increase of 45% over the previous year.