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Caofeidian worked with Alibaba to build a New Platform for E-commerce 2018-02-02

Alibaba injected fresh blood of Internet into Caofeidian. On January 31, the signing and opening ceremony of Caofeidian Alibaba E-commerce Operation Incubation Center and Cainiao Storage Alliance was held at Caofeidian Small and Medium Enterprise Park Area Beijing Port Center. In the future, small and medium-sized enterprises in Caofeidian will achieve the industrial Internet transformation and upgrade through "Alibaba Trust Pass B2B Platform".

Today, the trend of "industrial Internet" and "consumer Internet" is more and more obvious. Alibaba provided Caofeidian e-commerce operation incubator center a huge opportunity of seizing “industrial internet” for small and medium enterprises to combine their own industrial advantages and meanwhile, effectively solve all kinds of problems during the incubation period through working together with Caofeidian Small and Medium Enterprise Park Beijing Port Center authorized by Chibi Group and relying on "Alibaba Trust Pass B2B Platform". With the consumption upgrade and rapid development of new retail, logistics has become the key to "Consumption Internet." Relying on the sea and land advantages of Caofeidian, Alibaba Group set up storage nodes in Caofeidian, and developed a new generation of intelligent storage base. Cainiao warehousing will build a logistics platform which radiates Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei through intensive delivery so as to promote the development of modern service industry and Internet-related formats in Caofeidian.

Besides, Caofeidian Small and Medium Enterprise Park Area will comprehensively introduce the resource system of Alibaba and Cainiao network by further focusing on logistics support and cloud services, etc. In addition, it will drive an all-around reform in terms of manufacturing, production, distribution, trade, channels and management through the Internet, contribute local small and medium enterprises to transforming and upgrading and therefore create a new business card of e-commerce in Caofeidian.