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Spring Festival Lantern Show was Grandly opened in South Lake 2018-02-05

All night lights decorate the exquisite world; and fiery trees and silver flowers usher in the wonderful years. 2018 Spring Festival Lantern Show in South Lake of Tangshan was grandly opened on February 2. At the opening night, the scenic area of South Lake was bright because of colorful lighting sets. Cui Han, a member of the municipal government party group, attended the opening ceremony and announced the opening of 2018 Tangshan South Lake Spring Festival Lantern Show.

2018 Tangshan South Lake Spring Festival Lantern Show is hosted by South Lake Eco-city Administration Committee and South Lake Investment Group, undertaken by Tangshan Horticulture Investment and Development Co., Ltd. and held in South Lake Eco-tourism Scenic Area from February 2 to March 15, 2018 (December 17 to January 28 of lunar calendar). The theme of this lantern show is "Entering a New Era and Beautiful Tangshan Year", and the venue is set in the scenic area of Danfeng Chaoyang Square, the Inland Park and the area along Mountain Long, etc. Besides, the venue consists of five parts, they are "Nirvana Leap and Beautiful Tangshan," "Fantasy World and Happy Tangshan" "Park in the Grand View and Tangshan Humanities", "Romantic Lake Island", and "South Mountain Long Road. This session of lantern show has much larger lighting sets, more exquisite production technology, more experiential modes than last session, which is rare in North China. Among them, many large-scale lighting sets have a distinctive Chinese style, Tangshan rhyme, folk flavor and humanities, including inspiring China and a spirit of a dragon house with Chinese characteristics; humanistic Tangshan and granaries of Hebei on behalf of the humanistic development of Tangshan; and characteristic over water lighting sets of crusade of Emperor Tang, rowing a dragon boat by 12 symbolic animals, etc. Five lighting show areas have a total of 99 sets of characteristic colorful lanterns, which respectively show different characteristic symbols to meet the needs of different groups of people. All light sources adopt LED lights. Besides, lighting sets integrate the sound, light, electricity, movement and wonderful music as one, and at the same time integrate the new science and technology interactive experience to create a brand new light array.

During the lantern show, a comprehensive temple event with folk customs will be held to fully satisfy the one-stop experience of eating, playing, watching, enjoying and purchasing for tourists. While watching lanterns, tourists can also participate in activities of guessing riddles, dimming lights, collecting the character of “Fu” and so on. In addition, folk art troupes are also invited to perform folk performances such as dragon and lion dance, percussion, Yangge and bronze man, and a total of more than 680 traditional folk performances are expected to run through the festival. It is noteworthy that this lantern festival introduces the idea of 3D light show for the first time and uses 3D synthesis technology of light and shadow to project the 3D image on Danfeng Chaoyang sculpture, which creates an interesting interaction with the sculpture entity and covers a festival dress for the entire Danfeng Chaoyang Square.