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Tangshan City will hold "2018 China International Trademark Brand Festival" 2018-02-07

2018 China International Trademark Brand Festival is tentatively scheduled to be held in Tangshan from the end of August to early September. At present, various tasks are being carried out. The success bid of this activity will promote the implementation of the brand strategy in Tangshan City, further promote Tangshan City's economic restructure and development, polish the business card of Tangshan, and therefore make the brand of Tangshan become famous at home and abroad.

China International Trademark Brand Festival is a brand event in China's trademark industry with the highest profile and the most influential effect. In order to give full play to service enterprises of China Trademark Festival to create internationally renowned brands, promote international exchanges and cooperation, and establish a communication platform between the government and enterprises, "China Trademark Festival" was renamed for "China International Trademark Brand Festival" in 2013, and it was held once a year instead of every two years with the approval of the State Administration of Industry and Commerce. On September 2, 2017, Tangshan stood out from the three candidate cities and successfully won the bid for 2018 China International Trademark Brand Festival at 2017 China International Trademark Brand Festival held in Guilin City.

Up to the end of 2017, there were 24,816 valid registered trademarks in Tangshan City, an increase of 4,000 trademarks than those of the beginning of 2017, and whose increase ratio exceeded 20%. Tangshan City had 14 geographical indication trademarks, ranking first in Hebei Province; and there were a total of 47 well-known trademarks, ranking second in Hebei Province.