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Utilization of Foreign Capital in Tangshan City exceeded 1.6 Billion Dollars and ranked First in Hebei Province Last year 2018-02-11

In 2017, the actual utilization of foreign capital in Tangshan City was 1.607 billion dollars, completing 100.4% of the province's annual target of utilizing foreign capital with an increase of 8.3% on year-on-year basis and ranking first in Hebei Province with the ratio of 18% of the total actual utilization of foreign capital in Hebei Province. Tangshan City newly established 34 foreign-invested enterprises, an increase of 26% on year-on-year basis; the total value of investment was 1.44 billion dollars, an increase of 2.7% on year-on-year basis; and contractual foreign investment was 441 million dollars.

Among the 19 counties (cities) and districts in Tangshan City which undertook the task of utilizing foreign investment, 12 counties (cities) and districts of them completed their annual objectives and tasks. For completed progress, top five counties (cities) and districts were Laoting County, Qian'an City, Fengrun District, Luannan County and Luan County, and they respectively completed 202.7%, 158.3%, 133.2%, 114.8% and 113.8%. Among them, Laoting County extra finished 92.43 million dollars. The following 13 counties (cities) and districts achieved their year-on-year increases, including Lunan District, Qian’an City, Laoting County, Fengrun District, Harbor Development District, Luannan County, Luan County, Kaiping District, Qianxi County, Fengnan District, High-tech District, Caofeidian District and Guye District. Among them, Lunan District, Qian’an City and Laoting County had larger rates of increase, which were respectively 151.7%, 142.9% and 103.1%.

Secondary industry projects were still the city's important support for the utilization of foreign capital, and tertiary industrial projects had a rapid increase of foreign investment in place. Out of 87 foreign-funded projects in Tangshan City, tertiary industrial projects respectively had 17.17 million dollars, 1,163.13 million dollars and 398.86 million dollars in place, respectively accounting for 1.1%, 72.4% and 24.8%. The proportion of secondary industry projects was still relatively large. The number of tertiary industry projects and foreign capital respectively increased 75% and 55.6% over the same period of the previous year. The foreign capital is in place for water pollution control, urban environmental sanitation management, wholesale and retail, etc., which brought the city a diversified trend of utilization of foreign investment and the structure, was obviously optimized. Besides, a total of 840 million dollars of utilization of foreign capital are in place for the three traditional industries of steel, chemicals and real estate, accounting for 52.2% of the gross.

Hong Kong, Japan and other major countries and regions remained stable on investing in Tangshan. In 2017, the top five countries and regions in terms of actual investment in Tangshan City were Hong Kong, Japan, the United States, Thailand and Canada, respectively accounting for 74%, 11.2%, 3.1%, 2% and 1.9% of the total gross of Tangshan City. The total investment reached 1.48 billion dollars, accounting for 92.1% of the total gross of Tangshan City.

Development zones gradually showed their roles in industrial agglomeration and engine-driven functions and became the main battlefields for utilization of foreign investment in Tangshan City. In 2017, out of 87 projects with foreign investment, 55 of them came from 17 provincial-level or above development zones, including Laoting Economic Development Zone in Hebei Province. There is a total amount of 1.29 billion dollars in place, and the number of projects and the capital contribution respectively accounted for 63.2% and 80.3%. Among them, six provincial-level and above development zones including Qianxi Economic Development Zone and Fengnan Economic Development Zone in Hebei Province had more than one hundred million dollars in place.

The contracted foreign investment of the newly approved projects increased sharply, laying a solid foundation for the city to use foreign investment in 2018. In 2017, 34 new foreign-invested enterprises were established in Tangshan City, an increase of 8 enterprises over the same period of last year with a total of 1.44 billion dollars of investment and 441 million dollars of contractual foreign investment; contractual foreign investment increased six enterprises and contractual foreign investment increased 184 million dollars, especially the capital increase of only one project of Jiulong Paper Industry in Luannan County which just on the production line reached 94 million dollars. Generally, there are three points. Firstly, the large project is the main force for contractual foreign investment. The newly approved 10 enterprises, such as Tangshan Caofeidian Gong'an Yongtai Fire Science and Technology Co., Ltd. with contractual foreign investment exceeded 10 million dollars, amounted to 381 million dollars of contractual foreign investment; accounting for 86.19% of the total newly approved contractual foreign investment. Secondly, the utilization of foreign investment achieved a breakthrough. The newly established Zhongxu Xinying and Beijing-Hebei Collaborative Development Demonstration Zone Fund Management Co., Ltd. achieved a breakthrough of utilizing foreign capital in the field of class finance in Tangshan City, which expanded the field of using foreign capital in our city. Thirdly, undertaking the transfer of foreign capital industry in Beijing and Tianjin became a new bright spot, which attracted two foreign-invested enterprises of Beijing Dongbang Door Industry Co., Ltd. and Lundeng Fan Machine Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. to move in Tangshan City and became examples of successful transfer for foreign-capital enterprises on implementing the collaborative development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.

This year, Tangshan City will learn from Yantai, Qingdao and other advanced regions which utilize foreign investment expand the working ideas and broaden the fields and ways of utilizing foreign capital. While striving to introduce high-quality foreign-funded projects, Tangshan City will encourage existed foreign-funded enterprises to increase in capital and share and actively expand their investment in new industries, such as new materials, rail transit, new energy vehicles, electronic components and smart instruments, pharmaceuticals, photovoltaic, comprehensive utilization of resources, big data, aerospace equipment and additive manufacturing, etc. Besides, while remaining the stable increase rate, Tangshan City will comprehensively enhance the quality and level of utilization of foreign capital.