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Tangshan Railway Station transported 119,000 Passengers during the Spring Festival Holiday 2018-02-22

It was learned from Tangshan Railway Station that during the Spring Festival holiday, Tangshan Railway Station transported a total of 119,000 passengers, an increase of 10,000 passengers over the same period of last year, whose increase rate was 9.2%. Among them, D-series high-speed trains transported 65,200 passengers, accounting for 55% of the total passenger volume. Its main directions included Tianjin, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Qinhuangdao, etc. The station extra added 15 trains, including 4 D-series high-speed trains. February 5 was the peak for transporting passengers, reaching 24,400 people.

During the Spring Festival holiday, the operation front-line staff of Tangshan Municipal Public Transportation Corporation dedicated to their jobs and safely transported 3 million passengers with travelling 1.46 million kilometers in safe. In addition, Tangshan Municipal Public Transportation Corporation arranged its staff to divert the passenger flow in the main urban areas and intensified the inspection on dangerous goods such as flammable and explosive substances. It is forbidden to board inflammable and explosive materials, and poisonous products. The front-line drivers and conductors took good care of their services, insisted on using polite service terms, enhanced their service level, did a good job of cleaning their vehicles and station appearances, and provided the public with a safer, more comfortable and convenient travelling environment.