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Tangshan City sold 590 Million Yuan of Consumer Goods during the Spring Festival Holiday 2018-02-23

During the Spring Festival Golden Week, the charm of holiday economy in our city's consumer goods market appeared again, showing a good situation of abundant supply, rich varieties, stable prices, active consumption and orderly development. According to the monitoring of market operation, from Chinese New Year’s Eve to January 6th of the lunar calendar (February 15 to February 21), the sales of consumer goods in our city reached 590 million yuan, an increase of 11.06% over the same period of the previous year with a passenger volume of 1.8186 million, whose increase was 10.13% on year-on-year basis.

Tangshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce actively guided business circulation enterprises to grasp the characteristics of consumer holiday and trend changes, and vigorously organized the supply of marketable goods to meet consumers’ demand at different levels. According to the statistics of 19 large- and medium-sized supermarkets and markets, such as Tangshan Department Store and Huasheng Supermarket, nearly 6.18 billion yuan of various kinds of commodities were reserved during the holiday. Among them, industrial products accounted for 4.15 billion yuan and agricultural and sideline products 2.03 billion yuan, which effectively met the demand of residents’ "vegetable baskets" and "rice bags" during the festival.

The catering industry of Tangshan City was prosperous filled with guests, and its operation revenue had a substantial increase. During the festival, various medium- and large-sized catering enterprises in the city launched economical and practical catering products with festival characteristics on different grades and tastes such as "New Year's Eve Banquet", "New Year's Banquet" and "Reunion Banquet" to meet different levels of consumers’ demand and forcefully drove the consumption of meals during the festival. During the Golden Week, the city's major hotels and restaurants were crowded with visitors and filled with guests and friends. According to the statistics of six catering enterprises such as Phoenix Park and Hongyan Restaurant, the sales revenue reached 3.28 million yuan.