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Throughput of Tangshan Airport reached 14,589 Passengers 2018-02-24

In 2018, the throughput of Tangshan Airport was 14,589 passengers during the Spring Festival Golden Week, an increase of 101.62% over the same period of last year. Among them, the passenger load factor of Sanya and Haikou reached 100%, and both of these two places had a condition of scarcity of tickets.

During the Golden Week, cargo and mail throughput completed 1.63 tons, an increase of 247.02% on year-on-year basis; cargo, mail and luggage throughput was 110.79 tons, an increase of 131.20% on year-on-year basis; planes completed their 146 sorties of taking off and landing, an increase of 92.11% on year-on-year basis.

During the 2018 Golden Week, Tangshan Airport operated a total of 10 routes with 14 destination, including Tangshan Shanghai, Xi'an Tangshan Harbin, Sanya Tangshan Changchun, Haikou Tangshan Shenyang, Tangshan Sanming Guangzhou, Changsha Tangshan Dalian , Chengdu Tangshan Harbin, Harbin Tangshan Xiamen, Chongqing Tangshan Dalian, Haikou Tangshan Changchun, realizing a comprehensive coverage consisting of the Northeast, North China, Central China, Northwest, Southwest, South China, East China, etc. Tangshan Airport built a convenient air channel for the public during the festival.