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Tax Revenue and Foreign Trade Export of Zunhua ushered in a "Good Start" 2018-03-02

In January, Zunhua completed its public finance income of 149.52 million yuan, accounting for 11.2% of the initial budget of 1,335.1 million yuan with an increase of 55.6% over the same period of previous year, which realized a “good start” in the first month.

At the beginning of 2018, Zunhua City actively planned the deployment of financial revenue tasks and ensured a steady start of fiscal revenue by strengthening the coordination of levying, expanding the scope of levying administration, and focusing on attracting enterprises to increase tax revenue.

Recently, a piece of good news from Zunhua Bureau of Commerce that in January of 2018, Zunhua completed 7.3 million dollars in export, an increase of 19.5% over the same period of previous year with ranking the 2nd among 14 counties (cities) in Tangshan City. It achieved a "good start" and its foreign trade export of the whole year was expected to continue to advance triumphantly.

In the past two years, Zunhua has attached great importance to the creation of export food and agricultural product quality and safety demonstration zone and has been successively ranked among the provincial and national-level export food and agricultural product quality and safety demonstration zones. Many enterprises in Zunhua City, such as Meikeduo, Liyuan, Guangye, Guanghui, have been awarded as international standard agricultural product demonstration zone (base), achieved the corresponding international brand certification, established their brand images and enhanced their export strength. It was reported that in January, the export of Liyyuan and Meikeduo in Zunhua City exceeded 1 million dollars and the export growth rate of Guangye, Guanghui, Pearl, Changli and other enterprises increased more than 30%, which stabilized the markets in Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, opened up the markets in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. In addition, as the pace of urban transformation and upgrade continued to accelerate, the structure of export commodities had been further optimized. Jianlong Hebei Xiangzhen International Trade exported 1.13 million dollars of forging alloy flat steel, forging alloy bar and other special steel to Turkey and Taiwan, which achieved a new breakthrough in steel export of the city; and the mechanical parts of Sanhe Foundry, Chaoyue Titanium, Wanxin Mining Machinery Parts also increased significantly, which were exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Russia and other countries and regions.