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Fengrun urges Economic Development Zone to Step into Zones of One Hundred Billion Yuan 2018-03-07

In order to implement the spirit of promoting the high-quality development in the whole city, Fengrun District focuses on projects, tax collection, management, reform and infrastructure construction and makes them as the work framework. The main leaders work in the sites of key enterprises and projects to promote Fengrun Economic Development Zone to step into zones of 100 billion yuan.

On the basis of completing the overall revision and approval of economic development zone in a short time, this zone actively formulates and implements policies and measures to speed up the development of the rail transit equipment industry and start the regional environmental impact assessment so as to complete all the work within the year. Besides, the zone focuses on 55 projects with a total investment of 38.175 billion yuan. By contrast with time nodes, the zone coordinates and promotes the project construction, strengthens the project access, establishes industrial leading group mechanism, and ensures the settlement of projects as soon as possible. The zone strives to achieve incremental innovation and adjustment on the construction of key projects, studies and solves leftover problems, and improves the relevant procedure promotions to ensure the smooth progress of projects. Besides, the zone highlights the investment promotion function, constructs the pattern of large investment, strengthens industrial investment, deepens capital investment, gives play to the role of main body of recruit business, further solidifies real investment projects, does a good job on Beijing-Tianjin industrial transfer projects, actively organizes participants to participate in the investment, does business investment, carries out point-to-point investment, and plays the role of enterprises in the region to carry out investment business. In addition, the zone promotes infrastructure construction, and comprehensively creates an excellent business environment. What’s more, the zone strengthens the platform construction, establishes real motor vehicle industrial companies, strengthens enterprise service platform construction, and strives for financial support from the superior based on platforms and bases.