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China's First Long Marshalling "Renaissance" Chinese Standard EMU started its Type Test 2018-03-12

On March 9th, the first long marshalling “Renaissance” Chinese standard EMU with a speed of 350km/h, researched and manufactured by CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd., had started its type test, according to CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. The EMU with the number of CR400BF-A-3024 was undergoing its trial work on the annular testing line of China Academy of Railway Sciences located in the eastern suburb of Beijing, which was the first appearance for these 16 long marshalling “Renaissance” EMUs in China. It was reported that the total length of these 16 marshalling CR400BF-A type "Renaissance" Chinese standard EMUs was more than 415 meters, which had become a "powerful device" for China's G-series high-speed trains to step in the world in the new era.

CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. is the first company which has researched and manufactured high speed EMUs with the speed exceeding 300 kilometers per hour in China. On April 11, 2008, the first domestic CRH3 type "Harmony" EMUs went offline in Tangshan, which made China become one of the few countries in the world that possessed the equipment technology for high-speed railways with a speed of 350km/h. In recent years, CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. has successively promoted 350km/h CRH380BL/CRH380B type high-speed EMUs, 400km/h high-speed integrated testing trains, 250km/h CRH3A intercity EMUs, 350km/h CR400BF type “Renaissance” Chinese standard EMU trains and other lineage products, nearly 500 sets of EMUs have become the main force for Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Shanghai, Shanghai-Kunming, Xi’an-Chengdu and other high-speed railway passenger lines.

In order to adjust China's high-speed railway operating environment and conditions, meet more complex, diverse, long-distance, long-term, continuous high-speed operation and other requirements, and improve the serial products of Chinese standard EMU platform, CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. has researched and manufactured 16 marshalling CR400BF-A type “Renaissance” Chinese standard EMUs with the whole length of 415 meters on the basis of 8 “Renaissance” EMUs, which has become a "powerful device" for China's G-series high-speed trains to step in the world in the new era.

The 350km/h “Renaissance” Chinese Standard EMU adopts 254 important standards, among which China's standards account for 84%. Both its functional and supporting standards are higher than European and Japanese standards with distinctive and comprehensive Chinese characteristics. During the research process of Chinese standard EMU, a technical standard system for Chinese EMUs with a complete system, reasonable structure and advanced science is constructed to meet the unified requirements for EMUs in terms of service functions, application and maintenance, of energy saving and environment protection, reducing life cycle costs and humanized design, especially in terms of further improving safety and redundancy which has achieved major innovations, signifying that Chinese high-speed EMU technology has realized its comprehensive autonomy.