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"Businessman's Day" of Alibaba will start Yahongqiao 2018-03-22

“The establishment of the e-commerce platform has enabled our company's product sales to expand rapidly.” On the morning of March 20, Alibaba Group officially launched the “Businessman’s Day” event at Yahongqiao International Trade City in Yutian with nearly 100 enterprises and corporations in daily necessities and hardware labor insurance, etc. participating in the event. Merchants who came to the scene praised the benefits brought from e-commerce.

This "Businessman's Day" was jointly hosted by Alibaba and Yahongqiao International Trade City under the guidance of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Tangshan E-Commerce Association, Yutian County Bureau of Commerce, and the People's Government of Yahongqiao Town and held in Yahongqiao International Trade City, a branch venue. "Businessman's Day" is a festival for small and medium-sized enterprises initiated by Alibaba Group's domestic trade platform of 1688. This festival will unite 150 well-known professional wholesale markets throughout the country. Meanwhile, it will be stationed in 1688 to open up online and offline to ensure that each market will have its own online site and host characteristic trade fairs. After the superior merchants in the market having settled in the site, the goods off the line will be directly connected to the market to make millions of buyers know about it. Besides, it will give wings for the traditional offline market as well as integrate online traffic volume resources to attract more online buyers to pay attention to the origin of good products and bring more new business opportunities.

"The Internet is a huge cake, and we have already got a lot of benefits. This time, we have brought in dozens of products and hope to add another fire to the e-commerce festival." Meng Xiangyu, the director of Yihang Protective Products Factory which was a local exhibiting company, told the reporter that her family's protective equipment factory had a history of 17 years. The company had joined in Alibaba since 2011 and had its own online shop. With the constant persistence for several years, she said that “I obviously feel that there are more customers after the combination of offline and online. At present, one-third of our customers come from the platform of Alibaba, and our total sales of protective apparel on Taobao ranks first. Every day, we produce 2,000 pieces of protective clothing, and all of them will be sent away. In addition to domestic orders, we also export to Japan and South Korea, and the annual sales reaches 20 million yuan. We are always optimistic about the "multi-leg" walking way, and ready to enter a larger market expansion to attract more customers.

At the trade fair site, more than 100 kinds of merchandise such as small commodities, food, daily necessities, and hardware labor insurance and so on could be found on 30 standard exhibition booths. It also integrated interactive live broadcasting to do make your business better, e-commerce clinics to solve problems for your e-commerce business, e-commerce summit to discuss industrial e-commerce development, localization of business school course registration, business full-strength partnership, and on-site consultations of the internet commerce bank, which attracted nearly 2,000 visitors.