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More than 100 Holiday Events will adorn “Tangshan Weekend” Tourism Brand 2018-03-23

On March 21, it was learned from the 2018 Tangshan Municipal Tourism Festival and “Tangshan Weekend” tourism brand promotion press conference that this year Tangshan would hold more than 100 tourism festivals and make “Tangshan Weekend” tourism brand become popular.

This year, under the tourism brand of “Tangshan Weekend”, the city’s tourism festival activities will focus on building the 2nd China Industrial Tourism Development Joint Conference, the 3rd China International RV Tourism Conference and the 2nd Tangshan Tourism Industry Development Conference and Tangshan Weekend and Food Festival, Tangshan Weekend and Million People's Walking Conference, Tangshan Weekend and Tangshan Chestnut Blossom and Fruit Season, and meanwhile, activities in several regions will be connected to form the city's “pearl necklace” festival. The details are as follows:

Three Conferences--New Power Platform for Tourism Industry

Taking the second session of China Industrial Tourism Industry Development Joint Conference, the third session of China International RV Tourism Conference and the second session of Tangshan Tourism Industry Development Conference as opportunities to vigorously promote island wetland tourism and build RV parks and other new tourism industries, shape “Chinese Northern Coastal Holiday Tourism Zone” brand, further expand the popularity of Tangshan and even Hebei industrial tourism, and therefore become an industrial tourism city and a well-known tourist destination integrating industrial heritage sightseeing, industrial ecological recreation, cultural tourism creativity and industrial cultural experience.

Tangshan Weekend Theme Festival

The festival includes food festival, million people’s walking conference, and Tangshan chestnut blossom and fruit season under the theme festival of “Tangshan Weekend” brand.

The food festival includes two major activities, Tangshan mantis shrimp festival and coastal Tangshan international globefish festival. The festival further excavates and uses Tangshan’s characteristic seafood dietary culture resources represented by mantis shrimp and globefish, accelerates the integration and development of cultural tourism industry, cultivates brand foods and specialty seafood restaurants in the Northeast Asia with high reputation, and promotes tourism consumption to create "Tangshan weekend" gourmet business cards.

The million people’s walking conference is a series of activities launched under the guidance of "Tangshan Weekend" tourism brand, integrating the city's walking activities and promoting the integration of tourism and sports.

Tangshan is the hometown of chestnuts. The "Jingdong Chestnut" which is rich in produce is famous for its exquisite fruit, easy peeling, high sugar content and delicate meat quality. Relying on the rich tourism resources and characteristic food in the northern mountainous region and under the leadership of “Tangshan Weekend” tourism brand, Tangshan chestnut blossom and fruit season will be cascaded from chestnut flower festival, food festival and picking festival to plan a journey from smelling to picking season. The contents of the activities will once again highlight the image of Jingdong Great Wall Landscape Resort and make "Tangshan Weekend" tourism brand become popular.

"Pearl Necklace" Characteristic Festive Events

This year, Tangshan tourism festival will implement "Pearl Necklace" project. The festival will be punctuated by various activities. The publicity will be promoted under "Tangshan Weekend" tourism brand as a whole to increase the influence of "Tangshan Weekend" tourism brand. A total of more than 100 events including food, hiking, temple fairs, carnivals, praying and other activities. While enriching the culture and tourism life of Tangshan citizens, it has attracted tourists from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei to travel in Tangshan through extensive publicity. The main activities include the first large-scale blessing and praying ceremonies in Bodhi Island in April, Laoting peony and Chinese herbaceous peony cultural and tourism festival in May, cherry picking in June, South Lake summer art and culture festival in July, the second rice flower festival in Caofeidian in August, Luanhe cultural festival of Luan County in September, Mountain Yan of Tangzitou Town emerald red leaf festival in October, Mountain Jingzhong traditional cultural temple fair in November and Fengrun District dream ice and snow season in December.