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Tangshan Port Pilot Station Took Measures to Support Port Production 2018-03-27

In order to better serve the port production, practice the sunshine pilotage, and improve the operating efficiency of the port, Tangshan Port pilot station recently took measures and adjusted the tonnage and operating time of the relevant berths in the Caofeidian port area, which were of great significance to improving the market competitiveness of Tangshan Port.

The pilot station of Tangshan Port has always adhered to the aim of “maintaining sovereignty, guaranteeing safety, careful leading and serving port and shipping” and earnestly implements the “sunshine pilotage” service commitment of “safety, cost reduction and ship-keeping period”. It relaxed the night flight restriction conditions for a CAPE ship of a port pool and eliminated the requirement that vessels with a deadweight of less than or equal to 105,000 tons and a draft of 14.5 meters or less should “take a slow tide into and out of the port”, which could make it do its pilot work all day long. Besides, it extended the time for entering and leaving of the port pool. The time quantum for tide operation was adjusted from “1.5 hours before slack water to 0.5 hours before the slack water” to “1.5 hours before slack water to the time of slack water” and the outbound smooth tide window period was adjusted to "2 hours before slack water to the time of slack water", which extended the tide operation time of the third phase of ore No. 6 berth and made bulk cargo of 250,000 tons’ berthing time to be moored by the ebb (not low slack water). The series of measures announced and implemented will not only improve the turnover rate of Tangshan Port and increase the port cargo throughput, but also shorten the time of stopping ships in the port and help the ship owners to save costs as well as increase benefits.