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First Batch of Non-stake Sharing Electric Bicycles appeared in Tangshan City 2018-03-28


On March 26, sharing electric bicycles, a new type in the sharing field, appeared on the streets of Tangshan City, which provided a new more environmentally friendly and convenient way of traveling for the citizens. The first batch of non-stake sharing electric bicycles was launched in urban areas on March 24. They were also the city’s first place for “sharing electric bicycles” to be officially put into use. Later, their number and service areas will be increased depending on the needs of citizens. Although sharing electric bicycles have just been launched, people are full of praise for them. The use of sharing electric bicycles is similar to other sharing bicycles such as mobike and ofo, citizens can scan two-dimensional code of these electric bicycles to check their power and unlock them to use not only through downloading the application of electric bicycles but also by the function of “scanning two-dimensional code” of WeChat and Alipay.