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22 Cultural and Creative Exhibition Enterprises relocated from Beijing and Tianjin were Intensively Started in Hangu 2018-03-30

In order to further expand the achievements of the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, promote industrial aggregation and achieve high-quality development, Hangu Management District held a commencement ceremony to convene the first phase of construction of Tangshan Cultural and Creative Industry Park on March 28.

Tangshan Municipal Cultural and Creative Convention and Exhibition Industrial Park is located in Hanfeng Industrial Park of Hangu Management District. The plan of its first phase covers an area of 4,586.67 square meters and its construction area is approximately 279,000 square meters, which is a combination of cultural innovation, design innovation, convention and exhibition services and other emerging service industries. This concentrated start-up involves 22 domestic and foreign enterprises of convention exhibition service, including Beijing Youchi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., Beijing Micro-exhibition Culture Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Datang Weiye Exhibition Equipment Co., Ltd., Beijing Shijie Mingtao Exhibition Co., Ltd., and Beijing Wenkesi Exhibition Facilities Co., Ltd., etc. The project involves a variety of industrial types such as exhibition design, exhibition services, decoration engineering and freight logistics. The total investment of agreement is 1.21 billion yuan. After the project is completed and put into production, it is estimated that it can realize its annual sales income 1.3 billion yuan, profits and taxes of 150 million yuan, and employ 1,200 people.

It is understood that in recent years, the district standing firmly in the development of industrial development zone, staring at the project and moving around the project, constantly sets off a new upsurge of project construction for the high quality development of Hangu based on project construction to lead, support and guarantee the development, and therefore provide inexhaustible power and security.