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Apple Inc. of USA settled in Weier Cloud Computing Center 2018-03-30

Recently, HBIS Group Tangsteel Weier Cloud Computing Center received the payment of January from Apple Inc. So far, the rental service of IDC cabinet provided by Weier Cloud for Apple Inc. had completed its quarterly account settlement. Since the settlement of Apple Inc., Weier Cloud's functions of various data service have been working well and all have met customers’ requirements.

With the increasing data storage of Apple Incorporation in China, the demand for IDC cabinet’s rental service has increased. Apple Inc., as the world's most valuable brand of multinational high-tech giant, has very strict standards for building standards, computer room parameters and network security. HBIS Tangsteel Weier Cloud Computing Center is the first high-grade, high-security, high-availability, green and energy-saving cloud computing center in our city that has the conditions for operation and production, which makes Apple Inc. feel interested in Weier Cloud. Last September, under the coordination and communication of China Unicom, a strategic partner of Weier Cloud Computing Center, the two parties reached an initial cooperation intention. After 3 months of research and testing, Apple Inc. determined that the software and hardware facilities and management specifications of Weier Cloud had fully met the standards and had good conditions for becoming a data storage base.

“The settlement of the United States’s Apple Inc. has a significant impact on the development of Weier Cloud Computing Center. This indicates that Weier Cloud Computing Center is fully equipped to provide data services for international high-tech companies and lay a solid foundation to further develop domestic and foreign markets”, said Fang Liang, director of Weier Cloud Computing Center.

Providing IDC leasing for Apple Inc. is only one of many services of Weier Cloud Computing Center. Since last year, Weier Cloud Computing Center has fully promoted the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real economy. In addition to IDC leasing business, it can also provide customers with private cloud platforms, complete room contracting and other services. It has possessed the capacity of one-stop solutions for customers such as operation and maintenance, disaster backup and recovery, and security services. At present, Weier Cloud Computing Center has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Inspur Group and Tencent Group, etc.