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HBIS Tangsteel Automobile Axle Housing supplied for Asia's Largest Axle Production Base for the First Time 2018-04-03
Recently, 66.34 tons of Q460QK automobile axle housing steel custom-produced by HBIS Tangsteel for the largest axle production base in Asia was successfully sent to the customer. After the checkout, the product dimensions, surface quality, mechanical properties and other indicators had reached the customer’s standard requirements.
Q460QK is mainly used for automobile axle housing. It is installed with main reducer, differential, semiaxis and wheel assembly base. Its main function is to support and protect the main reducer, differential and semiaxis. The axle housing steel should have characteristics of high strength, cold bending, good drawing forming performance and superior welding performance, and the required yield ratio is sufficiently low.
The company took the initiative to identify customer’s needs and learned that such products had experienced defects in bending and stratification. Therefore, the effects of center segregation and banded structure were fully taken into consideration in the design of components, and the problem of carbon and manganese content was properly solved. At the same time, in order to ensure the customer's requirements for product strength, Nb, Ti and other micro-alloying elements were added to perform the precipitation strengthening and fine-grain strengthening of the micro-alloy. Finally, the tensile strength of the finished product reached 620 MPa and the yield strength reached 530 MPa. Inclusions had good control and excellent cold bending performance, which fully met customer’s needs.