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Tangshan City invested 610 Million Yuan to build Ecological Tangshan 2018-04-04

Tangshan Municipal Bureau of Finance earnestly implemented the new goal, task and requirement of strengthening the construction of ecological civilization and environmental protection in the central government, province, and city, and raised 610 million yuan to support the construction of Tangshan with blue sky, green earth and clean water.

Tangshan City supports the fight to win the blue sky defense, arranges the fund of 309.54 million yuan, speeds up the steel industry to reduce production capacity, carries out comprehensive assessment of industrial pollution discharge and air pollution prevention and control operations, builds air pollution grid monitoring system, and therefore realizes accurate monitoring full coverage of key industrial enterprises in the city. Besides,Tangshan City supports the ecological restoration of mountains, water, forest and lakes, arranges the fund of 232.66 million yuan, supports water pollution control and ecological restoration in cross-regional key river basins such as the returning rivers and the Pomegranate River, and accelerates the implementation of Daling Tunnel Water Intake Isolation Dam Project at Qiuzhuang Reservoir; carries out ecological safety survey and assessment in key lake banks, evaluation of centralized drinking water source status, assessment of soil pollution in key industries, etc., and aims at creating a national forest city and vigorously promotes mine ecological restoration. In addition, Tangshan City supports the construction of an environmental monitoring system, allocates the fund of 24.85 million yuan, strengthens the construction of environmental monitoring laboratories and the operation and maintenance of information systems, and enhances the capacity for environmental supervision and law enforcement; arranges the fund of 45.32 million yuan to support earthquake disaster reduction publicity, weather forecasting, and artificial weather monitoring, etc. The construction of Tangshan Earthquake Disaster Reduction Demonstration Center in China has been started, and Tangshan’s two dimensional and three dimensional basic geographic information database has been built to further improve the real-time monitoring and management level of the ecological environment.